Month: februari 2015

Saturday night fever.

Today it is Saturday and I am spending time in the couch playing my new Assassins Creed game, the black flag where you discover the Caribbeans through a video-game. Shit. I so have to go to the Caribbean, I realise when running around on the small Islands and swimming in the ocean. Well, that was a parentheses. With the amount of time I spend playing assassins I soon will be able to review video games as well *horrible thought*. Anyway. I have been a bad blogger this week with only two post so are preparing some upcoming posts about travels and photography. They just take a little more time. So this is an update on my Saturday which I have been spending alone due to the face that Martin is working the entire weekend. He works every second weekend which makes me somewhat of a widow tormenting my apartment with too much of my presens. Katarina Shot an hour ago with my iPhone 6+, edited in the Instagram app.

We are all equipment lovers are we not?

I am obsessed with Pinterest, I know.! But really, is it Pinterest I am obsessed with? Thinking about it is is maybe I am obsessed of being hooked on something. It started with wedding photos, wandered over to photos of cameras, travel and lately I started a billboard with bunnies. All these thing I love or connect with my passions, photography, travel and rabbits. Yes, I am a rabbit lover. Maybe you remember my latest, Skugge? Yesterday and the day before, come to think about it, this post took more than the average time I normally spend on bloging, I checked my Instagram on how many photos I have with me and my equipment. Oh there where a few! Check them out and check my billboard of cameras on Pinterest, it has more than 500 camera photos. Cause let´s accept it, we are all equipment lovers, are we not? Katarina Some of the photos from my Instagram, now also on Pinterest. Shot with my Canon, iPhone etc. Only problem with Instagram and Pinterest is that …

A miniweekend at Loka Brunn Spa

This weekend Martin and me went for a small miniweekend with one nights stay at Loka Brunn in Bergslagen, close to where I live. Loka Brunn is a small spa village run by the Spendrups family who also own Grythyttans Gästgiveri. People have been coming here for centuries to drink the spring waters. We went to visit the spa and to relax. Loka consists of both a spa, conference buildings, restaurant and a hotel. The cuisine is of a high standard and the bed extremely comfortable. Before going here I never considered myself as a spa-person. After being here just one night I have to say I´ve changed my mind. Coming home I really felt more relaxed.       The Rooms Loka holds around 150 rooms. We stayed in the house seen in the photo below. The areas surrounding is fantastic with the view over lakes and forests.   Martin and me stayed from Friday to Saturday, starting with afternoon coffe, some bathing and spa and later having a three course dinner. Early Saturday we went for a …

Meeting an urban explorer

Don´t know if anyone remembers me heading to Mossgruvan mine in Bergslagen in October. Well, I was there in small attempt to do some urban exploring. It actually made me find somewhat a new photointerest, maybe not so much just old industrial sites but the whole thing of old things just left as they where, left there for someone to find them. Anyway, in October I headed to Mossgruvan to explore and met a guy that was doing the same thing, exploring. So we talked and he actually is a ”real” urban explorer, what that now is. Today he emailed me that his site is up, filled with photos from different sites in Sweden.. Check out Joakims exploring on Katarina    

Vikers church

After work I headed of to meet a couple whos wedding I am going to shoot later this year. We talked about their plans for an hour and had some coffee. Before heading to them I took a trip to the church where they are going to get married. When I was there, the sun was setting and well, you can actually tell a difference inbetween the arriving photo and the photo I shot when leaving just having been there for fifteen minutes or so. Might be the settings of the camera, might be the light 🙂 Vikers kyrka/ church is happily situated inbetween Nora and Karlskoga in Västmanland Sweden, close to the lake Vikern. The church is from 1871, made of stone and holds some art from local Örebro artists. I will most likely go back some time in april to check the church out inside, spot some nice photospots and shoot some test photos of the couple. Katarina

Feels like I have to say it- Happy Valentines Day to you all!

Don´t have any outfit photo or anything, but shot this an hour ago before I decided to make something of my Valentines Day. Now I am all chic and ready for party. 😉 Felt sorry for myself seeing this photo, wearing my Marimekko comfydress, worn three times to much before washing and a knitted short sweater that smells like dust and basement. So, Happy Valentines Day to you all out there, with or without partner. Now I am heading out to celebrate minute or two. Might even have another glass of wine. Katarina View this post on Instagram A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse)

5 tips of photography podcasts

My latest addiction is podcasts. Yes, I am sorry, I am 5 years behind everyone else. Even the podcasts themselves think so since I am listening to podcast radioshows from 2008. I listen to both Swedish and English podcasts, mainly Swedish. So here is list of both Swedish and English podcast I enjoy listening to when heading back and forth from work. 1. Fotosidan Poddradio– Swedish pod from the Swedish site Fotosidan. Base the content on interviews with others. For example listen to ”Bättre spridning med CC-licens” and get some info about the Creative Commons license, what it means as well as what you as a photographer can use it for. In this particular pod they give the example on how to reach more people through making your art available for others. Host is Göran Segeholm. 2. the art of photography– English pod that have everything. Regularly updated with a rich archive. Particularly liked the episode about Ansel Adams which is a history treasure box about Ansel Adams life as a photographer. Relistened immediately. This pod shows film of …

Medieval week on Gotland 2015 "check"

Hard to guess what me and my mother booked this weekend? Right? Another spot on our travel-list is the medieval week on Gotland this year. I so long for that event. Have been planning it since I last where on Gotland for the first time this summer. The Medieval times are so mysterious and I feel so exited to go, hear fairytales, watch tournaments and have medieval food. It is probably not especially good but the feeling walking around the great wall of Visby in medieval clothes and hear the music. This is going to be one of the highlights of the summer. You find more of my writing about Gotland and Visby in particular in these two posts-  ”Gotland: The Hanseatic town of Visby and the north” and ”Gotland, Fridhem, Högklint and Visby”. Katarina The photos where shot last summer when my and my mother where on Gotland and walked around the wall and through Visby. Shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii and my Canon 50mm ii f.1.8 lens.

Tree over lake.

During work today I shot of a tree hanging over the lake when passing walking with my colleague. Some views just catch your eye, so did this to me. There is something special with trees hanging over lakes, don´t you agree? Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 40mm f2.8 lens

Winterphoto- the ice is here!

Winter has its stages. Now ice have arrived here in Bergslagen. Check out the these ones I shot Sunday outside the University! How is winter coming along where you live now in February? When you see this ice you so want to own a macro lens to get closer, don´t you? For those not into photography, a macro lens is just a lens that can go close to the object. My lenses has a limit, for example my 40mm can come as close as 30cm-isch and my 50mm have  45cm-49cm limit. Katarina  

Kitchen stories- Akademisk högtid

The students finally get to rest. The event is over and the video I produced, is shown and hopefully appreciated. Akademisk högtid is a yearly event held for new scientist at the Universities around in Sweden. In Örebro this event was held Saturday the 7th of February. For this event the students of the Academy of Grythyttan where the creators of the food and I produced a video about their work in the kitchen and about their menu. The video was later shown at the event. This post hold the video as well as behind the scenes photos through out these past months the students have been preparing for the event, starting in November. Enjoy this kitchen story and Monday! Video- Akademisk högtid Thanks to the students of Grythyttan and The Fisherman for lending me the music.   Photography- Akademisk högtid 15th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Trying out the coffee- pralines and main course, size and look. 19th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Creating first course, main course and dessert, improving. 16th …

Sourdough pizza

This week Martin made sourdough pizza. *yummie*. Martin normally just googles his recipes and changes them a bit. This recipe is from a blogger at the Swedish womens magazine, Amelia, Linda Lomelino. In the bottom you find her recipe or just click the link to see the full recipe on her blog. She includes the recipe of Tomato sauce and also the filling. This recipe just holds the dough because that is what Martin used. Martin makes his own tomato sauce from crushed tomatoes, boiling them and mixing them adding rosemary, thyme, garlic, salt and pepper. He prepare the dough in advance and keep it in the fridge in plastic. When I ask him he says that he makes the dough in the morning if having pizza in the evening. So enjoy your Sunday guys with this little recipe! Katarina       Recipe from Linda Lomelino at Amelia. Part from Lindas recipe: ” Sour dough pizza 2 pizzas Pizza dough 75 g sourdough starter 10 g olive oil 130 g water 250 g all purpose …

When you worked too much and been too social.

You recognise this feeling? *overworked* and *over-socialised* I just bury myself under a blanket and hit the play button on a tv-series. The tv-series at the moment, is the originals. a vampire/witches/wulfs kind of series played out in New Orleans. Probably a netflix original series of some sort. My type of thing. Today is one of these days where I look out the window and think that I only have an hour or two left of sunlight, but don´t go out anyway. This happens when I´ve worked too much and been too social. So I have been laying on the couch the entire day. Don´t get me wrong, I love my job in many ways, and I love having the possibility to shoot photos at my spare time, sometimes getting paid, most of the time just dreaming to be able to getting more paid assignments. But anyway. You need those days when you turn of the brain and just stare at a tv-screen too. This is one of those days. Katarina Photos from my ”job” and …

Vemödalen and the importance of being original

I learned a new word today. Vemödalen. You know it? I laughed hearing it since I have been working for a while on a post on questioning the necessity of taking photos of new objects and find that new angle, all the time. Before I learned the new word I couldn´t really put my finger on it but then I tripped over this word when listedning to a Swedish pod ”Fotosidans podradio” where they spoke about the phenomena, and it struck me, p e o p l e   a c t u a l l y  f e e l  t h i s  w a y. The word comes from a blog, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows (love the name by the way) who was inspired by the Swedish word vemod (melancholy), added dots over the o to make it more Swedish and added a Swedish IKEA furniture to the end to create it. From the blog: ”vemödalen n. the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist—the same sunset, …

Food and cooking in Grythyttan.

I rambling on about my pinterest account, but for the photolover it is so much fun. Collecting whatever you like. On my Pinterest I have all these great billboards. One of my personal favorites that I care a bit extra about is ”Food and cooking in Grythyttan” . It is food photography from Grythyttan. Some photos are mine and some are randomly found on internet. Try to update as often as I can with my own photos etc. Checked my archive (not pinterest and found some fun photos from earlier). Chef and cooking related. In a way, food is amazing an certainly brings us all together. We often meet up to have food together here in Grythyttan and that is certainly something I will miss if leaving this small village. A small recap of the food and cooking in Grythyttan:           Folks, that´s all for tonight. Check out pinterest! Katarina        

Brussels vs Istanbul. Where of to next?

I want to go to Istanbul. My boyfriend want to go to Brussels. If you could choose which city of these to to go for a weekend, which one would you choose?. Brussels with several restaurants on the guide Michelin or Istanbul, where Europe meets Asia and give you either French cooking or Meze? I know I want to go to Istanbul. The guys want to go to Brussels and have their Moule Frites and look at the peeing boy. I want to go to a Bazaar. Why is the guide Micheline so important? So everybody? What is your opinion? Brussels or Istanbul?  Katarina  

The view of Lima.

When writing the guest post on Machu Picchu for Resia I went through the archive of photos from Peru. Checking out my shots from Lima I found some not earlier releast photos of the view from Miraflores/Barranco down on the below beach. What a view huh? I was probably thinking that I was saving them for later and then forget about them. That´s life huh!?:) Are at the moment planning some post about trips I made earlier in life as London in 1997, haha, the photos are developed and not digitial (smiling when thinking about it) and also some more about thailand (with iPhone 3) but also Madrid and Turkey. Have a lot in the archive and just need to write them. But for this weeks contributions to the travelpart of this blog I give you the view from Barranco in Lima. Lima is a stunning city in so many ways. The fog enhances the view (don´t you think)? Well, most people don´t like the fog of Lima but I must say that I did. …