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Meeting an urban explorer

Don´t know if anyone remembers me heading to Mossgruvan mine in Bergslagen in October. Well, I was there in small attempt to do some urban exploring. It actually made me find somewhat a new photointerest, maybe not so much just old industrial sites but the whole thing of old things just left as they where, left there for someone to find them.

Anyway, in October I headed to Mossgruvan to explore and met a guy that was doing the same thing, exploring. So we talked and he actually is a ”real” urban explorer, what that now is. Today he emailed me that his site is up, filled with photos from different sites in Sweden..

Check out Joakims exploring on




Martin and Joakim outside Mossgruvan.


Martin and Joakim Bjarnestam heading for Sköttgruvan.



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