Month: mars 2015

My photo at the selfieshop.

Yesterday I shot some nice new spring photos. What I didn´t tell you was that I had a plan when going out. I brough my selfiestick for a reason.. The reason being *the sound of drums* .. .. too shoot a photo for the shop I got my selfiestick(s) from. Now the photo is up on the page for everybody to view and I am kind of pleased of what Hållbara handlingar, another blogger called, a metaphotograph (a photo of a another photo) is the photo that made the page. 🙂 Happy Sunday to you all! I am heading out for a walk when it is still light outside. Katarina  

Bathing in sun

The weather acts strange in Sweden at the moment. This week has been all about work so far and started with sun. I shot these photos on Monday. Today it started snowing massively again. It has been snowing on and off for some days, just a little and some more today. The first reaction when looking out when it is snowing in late March is, ”What now?!”. This weekend I am aiming for some more relaxing and planning for me and my mothers weekend to Berlin. So happy planning trips, I long for the moment when I get to plan trips. So enjoy the photos of a sunny Grythyttan. Hope for some more sun this weekend. Katarina  

Having a Saturday dinner

Yesterday was a slow Saturday. Besides posting 50 photos from Peru, well and edit them, I didn´t do much. I went for a walk during the day just to realise that it had snowed, again. The sun was shining though and the air was fresh. Late evening me and some friends gathered for dinner, some steak and some veggie food (brocolli and artichokes) for me. Today it is yet another slow day and I am editing photos, and writing a guest blog post. The plan is also to update same proposals for weddingphotography assignments later. Now I am off to Bones. Katarina  

Early spring barbecue

The food is cooking in the kitchen and I have just gotten home from work. Long day with meetings in Lindesberg and now it is finally Friday evening! It is something special with Friday evenings isn´t it? This weekend I am aiming for doing as little as possible and scroll through new camera equipment. Have found a new Canon camera I am interested in.. The wallet will take a hit or two though. Earlier this week I have been working and walking in the evenings, shooting photos in the sunny weather. The weather changed yesterday and now it is actually snowing! This photo was shot yesterday when Martin and his friends where having a barbecue during the day. I thought it might be a bit interesting to see for you guys who live abroad. This is how the ground and surroundings look like when the snow have melted here in Sweden. It kind of lack colors and have a greyish finish to it all. Have a great weekend guys! Katarina      

Nothing Gold can Stay

Nothing Gold can Stay Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost     Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom Shot earlier today

Lensbaby Composer Pro Sweet 35

This weekend we had fantastic weather. I where out and about and shot some photos of my lenses in the sun. The Lensbaby lens was next to be portraid. I have had this lens since fall and have shot several photos with this little special effects lens, the only one I have. The Lensbaby lenses are special lenses that have selective focus, which means that you can turn/ or ”bend” the lens and focus on certain points in the picture, creating different effects depending on how much you turn and how much apperture you choose. The apperture is switched manually on the lens and the focus is only manual. The bigger the apperture (low f value), the greater effect. This lens works both for landscape and portraits but certainly is at its best when having one object to focus on. It is easy to handle and fairly easy to focus and ”bend”. A fun little, slightly expensive toy, for the summer camera bag. Katarina     Pics taken with the lensbaby:

Taking a wrong turn- Tre sjöars väg

Today at work I headed for a meeting in two other towns, namely Nora and Lindesberg.  Between Nora and Lindesberg you can take a road that has a brown sign with a white flower to mark it out, kind of extraordinary and something me and Martin discussed more than once. Whats with this sign?! Googling when getting back home from work today it turns out that the road is called Tre sjöars väg, ”the three lake road”, due to the fact that it passes three lakes. You can start your trip by on Tre sjöars väg either at Bergslagsporten ( lay-by/ rest- place by riksväg/ mainroad 50 north of Örebro) or in Fanthyttan and ride along three lakes, Norasjön, Fåsjön and Usken. Along this road you can follow the iron history of Bergslagen, and see Bergsmansgårdar (country estates, not sure of the translation) as well as mines, foundries and smithys, in the company of fantastic nature. A small travel tips for the person living in Bergslagen or for the tourist who just took a wrong …

Those days between

I need days when I just skip planning and skip feeling the need to do anything. Today was a typical one of those days, a day when I didn´t get anything done, barely made the bed and are glad waking up before 12 o´clock. When a day like this hits me I try to avoid it at first, later giving up after fighting for an hour or two. After breakfast today I decided to go out shooting some stills of my lenses, the lensbaby lens and the Canon 24-105 lens, thinking that it would cheer me up. Then I dragged myself out on a walk by the lake and shot the below photos. Back home I felt sorry for myself and played videogames the rest of the day, failing miserably in my attempt to cheer myself up doing the thing I love, shooting photos, and walking. At the moment the day feels like a waste of time but I know that I will feel better tomorrow. More well rested and hopefully up for a longer …

Friday evening and sunset.

This week has been all about work and now it´s finally Friday. The weather has been so fantastic, but since I have been working I have not brought my camera with me. The other evening when the sun was setting I couldn´t resist so I shot the following photo with my phone. The phone does at least okay I think even if it not possible to compare with my DSLR. Martin is playing videogames and I am heating up some pizza he made yesterday. Have a great evening and weekend guys. Katarina iPhone 6+, lightroom

Sweden meets Mexico- tacos and pickled vegetables

Martin did a new variety of tacos Tuesday. In Sweden normally just meat and bread / chips with the Santa Maria taco spice served with cut vegetables and salsa and/ or guacamole that comes in a jar. This is what he added/changed, Rödkål – Red cabbage – with lime and chili Guacamole – avocado, garlic, chili, lime. Homemade. Tomatoes with onions, lime and chili So nice and what a difference to spice it up a little with basically some lime and red cabbage instead of small pieces of cucumber and lettuce. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma 50mm Art lens.

Spring is here!

went for a walk after work yesterday and say significant proof of spring. Golden light, the melting of snow and mud! How glad I am to see mud. 🙂 My normal path is around 3 km and takes about 30 minutes depending on how much photos I take. I had to stop a little extra yesterday due to the cute sheep that spotted me. The sheep and it´s skin / fur looked so entertaining after the winter, all grey and hanging in lumps all over the place. I guess we all feel like the sheep when entering spring, a bit rusty and afraid of the light. Katarina

Thailand- Kamala Beach and Cape Sienna Hotel in Phuket

A few years back me and my mother went to Thailand. It was an eight days trip with Fritidsresor. Nothing special, just relaxing. I remember how beautiful it was and how amazed I was by the beach there, the green water, the palms and the nice staff at the hotel and in restaurants. But you also got a glimpse of the catastrophe, then I mean the tsunami of 2004/2005. Signs, pointing out tsunami escape routs where put out all over the area, like a reminder. Traveling without kids / the hotel Flying to Thailand my mother and I choose to fly charter and traveled with a famous Swedish agency called Fritidsresor. I have traveled several times with Fritidsresor and have been satisfied every time. This time I was even more happy with my choice after asking the person that helped me book to recommend a hotel. He guided me to an entirely different hotel from what I first where going for, arguing to choose a hotel without kids. And was it worth it? Don´t get …

Cooking for craft exam in culinary arts- playing with liquid nitrogen

Saturday, a bunch of chefs met up to prepare for their upcoming exam in culinary arts and tried out the different combinations. Nine or ten courses later, I must say that I am still full. Check out the images of Martin when playing with liquid nitrogen. This is an imageseries. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and my Canon 50mm f/1.8 ii. Edited in Lightroom.

Internationella kvinnodagen- och vinnaren är en kvinna

This is the last post in Swedish for now. Det passar sig väl bra att vinnaren av min lilla boktävling är en kvinna på Internationella kvinnodagen? Kvinnorna har ju annars sällan varit vinnaren genom historien, beroende på vad man menar, förhoppningsvis förändras ju detta till att helt jämna ut sig. Men lets face it, jag tror inte det händer under min livstid. Så jag börjar detta inlägg med att kora vinnaren av min tävling, som för övrigt inte hade så många deltagare och alla som deltog var kvinnor. Inte vet jag hur jag ska tolka det, antingen är min blogg inte så intressant eller så intresserar sig folk inte så mycket för just böcker. Om det hade varit en elektronikpryl är jag säker på att jag haft många tävlande. För övrigt är nästan alla resebloggare också kvinnor. Intressant fenomen, dock än en parentes. Jag och andra sidan gillar verkligen böcker, så grattis Annika för vinsten av en valfri guide från Karavan förlag! Kul att du ville tävla och kul att du bidrog med en liten …

Sen Street Food in Örebro

Yesterday I went to Örebro for some maintenance of my skin. Might tell you about it another day (and maybe show some pictures, if I dare.. ). Anyway, after my maintenance and some shopping me and my friends went for some food and found this amazing place in Örebro Saluhallar when purchasing cheese. I had a tofu dish, with shrimp dumplings and moshi ice-cream. The surprise being the ice-cream, never have I tried anything like that before. The taste of the food was delicious and it felt very fresh. A plus for the low price of around 35 sek for the dumplings and below 100 sek for the main dish. A price-wothy meal. Today we are having the cheese that we bough yesterday and the guys are at the University preparing marmelade to serve with the cheese. I wonder who bought crackers? Yesterday I forgot my memorycard to my camera, won´t do that mistake today! ciao. Katarina Ps. Tomorrow is last day competing about a travel guide from Karavan.   Photos: Shot with my iPhone 6+, …

Vinn valfri reseguide från Karavan förlag

Här kommer tävlingen som följer gårdagens recension av boken Mitt Paris. Besök Karavan förlag och kika på reseguider och bli pepp på din nya resa! Skriv ditt svar på följande frågor i kommentarsfältet och namn och adress senast söndag 8e mars kl 12.00. Valfri guide från Karavan skickas till vinnaren. För att jag ska kunna kora en vinnare har jag även en utslagsfråga där den som beskriver sitt drömresemål i Sverige och gör mig mest rese-pepp vinner boken. 1. Vad är Karavans förlags byline på hemsidan för reseguider? Kasta om bokstäverna så har du svaret: aanvarK – öFr idan rnei hoc tyert rosre Länk: 2. Vilket är ditt drömresemål i Sverige och varför? Katarina Tack Svenska Resebloggar och Karavan förlag för samarbetet. Kolla in Svenska Resebloggar på Instagram vetja.