Month: september 2014

Out with work.

For two days I have been kind of off-line. That because I have been to a work conference in Lundsbrunn. Didn´t shoot so many photos but got some early autumn photos I want to share. Now I am recharging my and my camera batterias preparing for my friend Lindas 30 year party in the evening. Katarina Photo on me by Emma Söderberg, the rest is taken by me and all is taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.

the blogs I read.

I´ve been a blogger for a while now and a post about some of my favorites would be in place. Maybe you don´t notice but, yes I read a lot of blogs and post a lot of comments. I like some because you feel like my friends and I can publicly argue with you and I like some due to the fact that you take amazing photography’s or that I can learn something else from you. I will start with only a couple, no relevans in order. My idea is to create a list that I will update on a regular basis. Will put the list somewhere..   Writes about a little of everything M- R. Margarete Rose Stringer. She lives in Australia, a country I never visited, yet it feels like I know her. She have written a book I´m reading at the moment, the memoirs of her life. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) Focuses on photography Divage, Antonia– A photoblogger that post about one photo per day. Sometimes brings …

present !

Martin had been away for a while and when I got home I got a present. He bought be a book from Svenskt Tenn. You who doesn´t know the name might know the name Josef Frank or his fabulous fabric and print designs. Since I am a sucker for Swedish design I am at the moment floating around on clouds. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, Martin took the photo of me holding the Svensk Tenn brochure and the rest is mine. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

the selfiestick.

My newest thing in my photobag, the selfiestick. How cool! From my friend Sofias instagram, me with my selfiestick on the ferry to Finland. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Fantasiresor | Reseblogg ⛵️ (@fantasiresor) What is it then? A selfie stick is basically what it says it is. It is a stick, with bluetooth and a trigger on where you can put your phone in the end of it and take photos of yourself on a longer distance. How odd. Well, you know the concept of Selfie don´t you? What was it now. Tons of tons of photos all over the web that people post of themselves. Found the definition (or the first one appearing on google) and it says ” selfie ˈsɛlfi/ noun informal a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website. ”occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary.” ” The selfiestick allow you to take group selfies as well, which …

Meeting another blogger- at lillatildeshem

When in Borgå/Porvoo, one of the evenings where spend, for me and a little group, at a local bloggers house where she prepared dinner for us. She had such an amazing house that I could probably have spend hours and hours photographing it but here are at least some pics. The Menu as follows on the first photo: Starters, Fish from Pellinge; cold smoked salmon, raw spiced fish and smoked trout with caviar. Main course; Fishburgers Dessert: Blueberry pie with ice cream. The food was served on fantastic Arabia china, probably my favorite detail from the entire dinner. Love my Arabia. In the blogpost ”Middag” on the blog you can find the fantastic recipes from the dinner. Maybe Sofia (the blogger) should have a regular ”hemma hos” or ”dine with” event for travelers interested in the local cuisine. Who wouldn´t choose that over a local restaurant?! 😉 Katarina  

It started in Grythyttan, took me to Porvoo from Peru- my first year as a blogger

This week I passed the line of one year as a blogger! Lets celebrate! Put together a bunch of photos from my first year. How much I have been doing, I kind of got surprised myself. Read or just look at the photos, it is your choice. My first post was written about Grythyttans Gästgiveri, and well, it only contained photos. My aim, was of course from the beginning that I should only develop my skills of journalism and I started with photos. September 2013   Over time I got better at photography, even though I still found it a bit tricky after a couple of months. This photo was taken at Björkskogsnäs naturreservat in november last year, and well, was probably a lucky shot. October- November 2013   In november I also did a interview with the fashion blogger Modemanifestet.  Still remember that with a happy face. I got some very inspiring ideas for my future studies and also my blog. Heidi is a girl with a hands-on grip on environment and actually bought …

A foggy week.

This week has been extremely foggy. This photo was taken yesterday when I was walking from the bus to work. Look at the churchtower, the fog lies so thick that the tower barely can be seen even though the photo is taken 9 o´clock in the morning. How odd and how amazing a day. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom.

Borgå- Porvoo – with the bloggers in the Archipelago- a presentation.

As you well know by now is that I traveled to the city of Borgå/Porvoo in Finland with a bunch of other bloggers. I thought that I would do a fair presentation of them (hopefully they think so to). Check out their blogs and the hashtag #travelhouseporvoo if you haven´t already to get an idea of the wonderful gang I just spend almost a full week in Borgå with. The photos are edited in lightroom and photoshop. Kpunkka. instagrammer This is Konsta, a instagrammer that among the bloggers participating in the trip probably are the one with the most followers. How about 110 K on insta? Well, if you have to have a letter on the number of followers, you know that you are important.  The above photo was taken at the flee market in the morning Saturday Sept. 13th (yesterday), before heading for the archipelago. After the quick stop at the fleemarket in the morning where I also bought a rug, we headed for the archipelago. Before going on the boat, Konsta took this photo …

Borgå- Porvoo- Turn foto into art.

Today we went to the Artfactory in Borgå. Before we where suppose to send a photo that we wanted to turn into art. This is the photo I sended. The processes where fairly easy. We basically painted acrylic paint on a woodenboard and then a photo printed on normal a4 paper. Then you let it dry and just rub it of. Volia, you have a painting that is very cool. Mine is packed down now but will post it in another post. the artist that helped us and showed how to do it, was named Antti H. Raatikainen and is among the pictures wearing orange (last picture). You find the his page on Just got back from trying to do some northern light night shooting, didn´t go very well. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in lightroom.

Borgå- Porvoo- day one- Meeting some new friends.

My body is aching but my soul is at peace. Already made new friends. This is why I love traveling. As told before I am on a “blog-trip” to Finland and to be exact Borgå/Porvoo. Today was the first day and we went started by visiting the Arabia factory in Helsinki. Well, it was the Arabia, Fiskars and Ittala place. I finally bought four Mumin Arabia mugs. I think my soul is at peace and that I don´t have to do anything more on the entire trip, I am now satisfied But waiting for us in Porvoo was a cake which I cannot remember the name of. It is described as the “semla” of Finland and is filled with bitter-almond. Very interesting, I would though have compared it to the Swedish “sockerkaka” rather than the semla. After having an entire cake and saying hello to everyone, (still trying to remember everybodies names), we left for a guided tour of old Porvoo on bikes. I though I came prepared to what was coming for me but …

Studying photography at the University of Gothenburg

I have insinuated but not told you the whole story. I decided to take a photoclass at the University of Gothenburg, an advanced one where we are suppose to do a project. Read more about the course if you are interested by clicking here. When applying I applied with some old photos of mine. At the moment I was in Peru and didn´t have very much of a portfolio. We where suppose to apply with photos connected to the project we wanted to go through with. I used some of the following. Don´t remember the exact ones. The most important thing was that I got accepted to the course which I was.   The project When in Peru I started to think about a project and what I would do. I didn´t really need to do much thinking before the project I am now planning to do took form. Something that I have though a lot about and have a lot of knowledge about is the ”dying countryside” of Sweden. When traveling around the country …

going to Porvoo- 3 days and counting

There is a lot of planning before going on a trip. It kind of struck me today that there is as much planning for me going one week to Finland as going three months to South America, if you don´t count the vaccinationshots that hade to be taken some months ahead. That must say a little about my planning, it is none existing. I normally end up without a toothbrush and to much clothes, either to warm or to cold clothes, often to warm. Well, the scar tissue from my Tuberculosis shot is now fading, it actually still hurts after 6 months (?!), and new trips are being planned. In June I was in Gotland, in August on a music festival in Gothenburg, Stockholm (last weekend) and now next week I am heading for Finland. 3 days and counting. This blogtrip the is arranged by the Travelhous in Porvoo will be easy to follow in social media by searching the hashtag, #travelhouseporvoo. Yesterday I started with a photoproject (I am now a onlinestudent at the University …

Debutant coctail- the outfit

Yesterday me and Martin went to the yearly debutant coctail with friends from the third year here. Took a lot of photos and will post them tomorrow or Sunday but here is a little taste, the outfit of the day. The dress is from Betsey Johnson, an American designer. I bought this dress on the Swedish ebay a long time ago from a girl who bought it to a wedding and then got pregnant, ending up with a to small dress. I have loved it for the first time I saw it but haven´t really had the opportunity to use it. Now was the time. What do you think about it? The earrings are from the same designer and also bought at ebay. I think I paid about 400 sek (70 dollars maybe) and like 2 dollars for the earrings. Katarina Canon 5 D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, Velbon tripod and RC6 Canon Self Timer.

A fashion walk: Sven Harrys Museum and the exhibition Swedish Fashion 2000-2015

It has been some time since I wrote basically anything about fashion. But this weekend I went to Stockholm to visit my friend and on Saturday me, Caroline and Marcus went to the newly opened Sven Harrys museum in Vasaparken for the summer exhibition of Swedish Fashion 2000-2015. And what an exhibition! I must say that a personal favorite of mine is Swedish fashion and I own a lot of Swedish clothes. Some of the brands that I own clothes from was represented in the museum as Acne (I have at least three dresses), Hope (I have a sweather), Rodebjer (I own one garment, a dress), Odd Molly (I have a pink old knitted jacket that was a favorite for a long time, nowadays I´m not much of a folk lore person) and others. Bea Szenfeld Haute Papier (I think her very famous collection of paper clothes was called), was represented as well as a the short film Ann-Sofie Back Held Hostage For Her Crimes Against Fashion. The exhibition have ended (the 31 of August) but enjoy …