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We are all equipment lovers are we not?

I am obsessed with Pinterest, I know.!

But really, is it Pinterest I am obsessed with? Thinking about it is is maybe I am obsessed of being hooked on something. It started with wedding photos, wandered over to photos of cameras, travel and lately I started a billboard with bunnies. All these thing I love or connect with my passions, photography, travel and rabbits. Yes, I am a rabbit lover. Maybe you remember my latest, Skugge?

Yesterday and the day before, come to think about it, this post took more than the average time I normally spend on bloging, I checked my Instagram on how many photos I have with me and my equipment. Oh there where a few! Check them out and check my billboard of cameras on Pinterest, it has more than 500 camera photos. Cause let´s accept it, we are all equipment lovers, are we not?


Some of the photos from my Instagram, now also on Pinterest. Shot with my Canon, iPhone etc. Only problem with Instagram and Pinterest is that when you upload it to these services the photos loose quality.








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