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Saturday night fever.

Today it is Saturday and I am spending time in the couch playing my new Assassins Creed game, the black flag where you discover the Caribbeans through a video-game. Shit. I so have to go to the Caribbean, I realise when running around on the small Islands and swimming in the ocean. Well, that was a parentheses. With the amount of time I spend playing assassins I soon will be able to review video games as well *horrible thought*.

Anyway. I have been a bad blogger this week with only two post so are preparing some upcoming posts about travels and photography. They just take a little more time. So this is an update on my Saturday which I have been spending alone due to the face that Martin is working the entire weekend. He works every second weekend which makes me somewhat of a widow tormenting my apartment with too much of my presens.


Shot an hour ago with my iPhone 6+, edited in the Instagram app.


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