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The view of Lima.

When writing the guest post on Machu Picchu for Resia I went through the archive of photos from Peru. Checking out my shots from Lima I found some not earlier releast photos of the view from Miraflores/Barranco down on the below beach. What a view huh? I was probably thinking that I was saving them for later and then forget about them. That´s life huh!?:)

Are at the moment planning some post about trips I made earlier in life as London in 1997, haha, the photos are developed and not digitial (smiling when thinking about it) and also some more about thailand (with iPhone 3) but also Madrid and Turkey. Have a lot in the archive and just need to write them. But for this weeks contributions to the travelpart of this blog I give you the view from Barranco in Lima.

Lima is a stunning city in so many ways. The fog enhances the view (don´t you think)? Well, most people don´t like the fog of Lima but I must say that I did. Checking out old photos I smile when I see it. This constant weather phenomena due to the warm tropics and the cold stream coming from Alaska.

I published some more photos in the post Peru: La Playa

Have a great rest of the weekend.



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    • tack Antonia. Ja men så härlig stämning där vid stranden på något sätt. Dimman är ju kul att fota. Just när man kollar ut ser man inte särskilt mycket men genom kameran ger dimma ett annat perspektiv!

    • Ja men visst är det. Du fotar ju mycket med antar. Jag har dock inte så stort arkiv, dvs tidsmässigt, då jag började fota med systemkamera nyligen. Det känns lite tråkigt när alla visar sina julbilder från 5 år och jag knappt har några 🙁

  1. I think too many people for me. But I’m talking nonsense: I haven’t set foot on a beach for over 40 years !!! 🙂

    • haha. you haven´t?and you live in australia? *surprised face* well. I definitively go to the beach several times a year, but I basically like just shooting photos and walking with my feet in the water most, not tanning. maybe tanning in combination with reading a book.

  2. There are so many things to love about these photos. I especially like the beach with the rainbow of umbrellas wrapping the shoreline. They provide such stark contrast to the otherwise muted colours. It must have been a very hot day … the crowd of people!!

    I also really liked all the little boats around the pier. It looks like chaos 🙂

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