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Kitchen stories- Akademisk högtid

The students finally get to rest. The event is over and the video I produced, is shown and hopefully appreciated.

Akademisk högtid is a yearly event held for new scientist at the Universities around in Sweden. In Örebro this event was held Saturday the 7th of February. For this event the students of the Academy of Grythyttan where the creators of the food and I produced a video about their work in the kitchen and about their menu. The video was later shown at the event.

This post hold the video as well as behind the scenes photos through out these past months the students have been preparing for the event, starting in November. Enjoy this kitchen story and Monday!

Video- Akademisk högtid

Thanks to the students of Grythyttan and The Fisherman for lending me the music.


Photography- Akademisk högtid

15th of November, 2014-

Early stage cooking. Trying out the coffee- pralines and main course, size and look.

19th of November, 2014-

Early stage cooking. Creating first course, main course and dessert, improving.




16th of December, 2014-

Martin, Elina and Daniel is in the kitchen, mainly Elina working, trying out pralines and coffee candy.




15th of January, 2015-

Wrapping up all dishes, trying the flavours and deciding final changes on the dishes.





 24th of January, 2015-

Finalising the first course.

27th of January, 2015-

Finalising the main dish.

akademisk_högtid-15 akademisk_högtid-14



Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, three lenses: 24-105 mm Canon f4, Sigma 50mm Art f1.4 and Canon 40mm f2.8. Edited in Lightroom.

Video edited in Adobe Premiere (Creative Cloud).



9th of February, 2015-

the aftermath..



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