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Istanbul – the streets

I went a little crazy with the number of photos of Istanbul why I dedicate to posts with just photos of the streets in the city. Katarina Shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens, ed in lightroom                                                                                                                 

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Since photographing a mosque was new to me I took so many photos that I decided to make an own post of the photos I shot there. I come to find that I enjoy more and more shooting photos of people and that is what this post ended up being about. People, their laughter and feet. Katarina Shot with Canon EOS M3, 40 mm pancake lens ed in lightroom the app                                                             

Cruise – Izmir to Istanbul

Wednesday 17th 15.00 to Thursday 18th 16.30 Leaving Izmir the ship sails through the Aegean sea north west and along the shores of the Isle Lesbos. We later reach the strait of the Dardanells and go through the channel to the Marmara sea and continue towards Istanbul. Going through the channel, 39 nautical miles long, takes around 3 hours with MSC Magnifica. After getting back on ship in Izmir we do some sunbathing and then have dinner, salmon, greek salad and seafood pasta, and after dinner an irish coffee in the tiger bar. This bar must be the most amazing Italian place on earth with stripes and for a Swede, a bit tacky decoration a la Italian where te fraze ”a bit to much” rather is an understatement. The entire thing looks like a tiger walked into a bar and died on the floor. At 8 o’ clock Thursday we go of the ship to explore Istanbul. We start by walking to the blue mosque but not getting there until three hours of wrong directions. …

Cruise – Katakolon to Izmir

Tuesday 16th 13.00 to Wednesday 17th 15.00 MSC Magnifica continue it’ s journey towards Turkey and cruise the Greek islands. After getting aboard at In the Katakolon harbour Martin and I sleep for an hour and then have lunch. Making it to the ship 13th floor restaurant during lunch time is a plus since then a big and very good salad is served. We spend some time at the sun deck having a banana split and a mohito, yummie. The maintenance continue while at sea and during our sanbath the crew repaint the balcony. In the evening we have dinner with Josefin and Maja and it is theme gala, time for your nicest clothes. The food that is served is Italian or Mediterranean most evenings but the courses shift. The morning when going out in Izmir we wake up at 8.30 local time, walking of the ship at 10. At most stops Martin and I have walked to the city centre, and so also at Izmir. We start by walking to the Historical Coal Factory …

Thailand- Kamala Beach and Cape Sienna Hotel in Phuket

A few years back me and my mother went to Thailand. It was an eight days trip with Fritidsresor. Nothing special, just relaxing. I remember how beautiful it was and how amazed I was by the beach there, the green water, the palms and the nice staff at the hotel and in restaurants. But you also got a glimpse of the catastrophe, then I mean the tsunami of 2004/2005. Signs, pointing out tsunami escape routs where put out all over the area, like a reminder. Traveling without kids / the hotel Flying to Thailand my mother and I choose to fly charter and traveled with a famous Swedish agency called Fritidsresor. I have traveled several times with Fritidsresor and have been satisfied every time. This time I was even more happy with my choice after asking the person that helped me book to recommend a hotel. He guided me to an entirely different hotel from what I first where going for, arguing to choose a hotel without kids. And was it worth it? Don´t get …