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Hotel Octarna in Kromeriz in the Czech republic

Second night in the Czech Republic we stayed in a small red beautiful Parisian style hotel in Kromeriz. The atmosphere reeked of love and was my favorite hotel during the whole trip just because of the style. To get a good view of the romantic atmosphere, take the virtual tour here. The hotel of Octarna is built on a former Franciscan convent from the 17th century. The monastery later turned into a military bakery and then a vinegar factory. Except for wonderful decor the hotel also have a restaurant, relax centre, do weddings and more. Daniella and I peaked through the door to shoot the photo of the cute balcony in the photo above, giggling and discussing our blogging and photos. To read more about what to do in the city of Kromeriz check out The colorful hoses in the city of Kromeriz and the castle garden in Kromeriz. Katarina Thanks to Czech tourism for arranging the trip and thanks to Nicoline for shooting the photo of me!

The colorful houses in the small town Kromeriz

The small town of Kromeriz in Moravia I visited during my short trip to the Czech Republic in October. The town, even though small, made a big impression on me, due to all the different colors. The colors of the flowers in the city centre and the color of the houses, a variety of pastell colors as pink, yellow and green. Why all this color me and Daniella (one of my travel mates) asked ourselves? I don´t know if there is a correct answer to the question but the colors are something that makes the area of Moravia in the Czech republic to stand out from the crowd. The town is from the 13th century and have been plundered by Swedes more than once! In Kromeriz we got to spend one day and I have some tips from only one day. Take a walk through the centre and adore the colorful buildings The city is so small that is is possible to walk everywhere in the city. With a camera all small towns can be …

the castle in Kromeriz

And with a castle garden a castle most follow. When in the Czech republic we also took a tour in the castle, of course. The guide in the castle didn´t speak English so our tour guide had to translate, but the part about some parts of Indiana Jones being shot here, I got. How amazing? An odd part might be the stuffed animals I admit. Who even likes stuffed animals nowadays? Afterward me Daniella and Nicoline, the nordic girls, took a stroll to the closest café and had a cappuccino and some great cake. In the evening, it was time for a microbrewery experience. Katarina The castle is also on the world heritage list and are found here. To see photo from the garden connected to the castle – click here.

the castle garden in Kromeriz

Second day in the Czech Republic we headed for Kromeriz. A long busride on a bumpy, next to not rideable, main road from Prague we arrived mid day in the city of Kromeriz. On the schedule was a tour of the archbishops castle of Kromeriz including the castle garden. The arrow takes you there.. Location: City and region of Kromeriz in the Zlin Region. As walking into Versailles and a romantic 17 th century french novel, the garden amazed us all. It has a well deserved spot in the World Heritage Site list as a completely preserved European garden with a mixed style of both renaissance and baroque influences. The main part was designed by the imperial architect Giovanni Pietro in 1665 – 1675. One thing everyone agreed on was that we wanted to stay longer to be able to take it all in. From the castle it is easy to find the garden due to the arrows in the pavement in the city. The arrows quite logically points to the garden from the centre. If …

East Moravia

After a day in Prague the group of travelers and I headed for East Moravia, the purpose of the trip to the Czech Republic. This is Moravia in all it´s colours, lines, bad weather and happiness. In photos. Katarina Thanks to Czech tourism for arranging the trip and thanks to Nicoline for shooting the photo of me! 🙂

Café Louvre

Walking slowly up some early 20th century stairs, the atmosphere that strikes you is Paris, movies, romance and early 20 th century it-people feeling. At the time modern and hip and today yet again modern and new. It is said that celebreties as Einstein and Kafka were here but this doesn´t need to be said since the feeling is like walking into a movie anyway, making the most humble tourist feel like a star. For the smokers Prague is different. I prefer that people don´t smoke inside, but when walking into Cafe Louvre, I don´t mind that there still is a smoking side in the restaurant. It just adds to the already great atmosphere. The Cafe Louvre is a cafe with waiters. They are dressed properly and quickly serves us the ten minute cava we have time for. Me and my travel mates Daniella and Nicoline is on a schedule. We have to try the cava, and fast. Stefan, the guide we have with us tell us that it is expensive, so a bottle is out …

heading to the czech republic.

At Arlanda airpor and it is 5 in the morning. 5.28 to be exact. Having a coffee at johan & nyström, a hipster coffee-shop with great coffee and not so great prices. The cappucino was satisfying for my not yet awake self. Today me and Daniella, Discover The Planet, are heading on trip to the Czech Rep. together. 4 days of fun arranged by Czech tourism Scandinavia and Finland. So trilled to be on the move to discover the czech rep where I have never been before. We are going to see Prague, historical sites, taste wine and more. Now, time to get myself through security. Katarina