Month: juni 2014

Hayride- a Swedish 50´s festival in Hultsfred.

This weekend I where in my old neighborhood Hultsfred, partying with some old friends at the Hayride festival. I added some photos on my Instagram-account but here they are as well as some others. The Hayride festival is a festival with music from the 40s to 60s where people also dress in vintage, new and old. All sorts of vintage shops, with old vintage and newly produced clothes in the style of the old ages where in place to make a buck or two. I had much fun and will consider going next year if I have time. I am totally impressed by all incredible haircuts all the girls where having but also their ability to copy the overall style of the 40s with everything from shoes, stockings, suits, glases and hair. That takes dedication! Katarina  

The travel year of 2014

My traveling year started of big by going to Peru for  three months. Before going i bought my new camera that I tested extensively before going, shown here, here and here and in Peru I used it for my master thesis. Photo have become one of my biggest interest and I take photos all day. You who follow me on a regular basis know this of course. In Peru I did all kinds of stuff. I went to a watershow and a fruitmarket in Lima. I shopped all kind of clothes preferably ”hecho en peru” (made in Peru) and crafts as ponchos and hats and at the same time reflecting on my consumption or me as a consumer. Me shopping crafts in the historic centre of Lima. One of the great things about traveling is being abel to get new experiences and reflect upon the differences you see but also the similarities and possibilities that arise in a new country. I will always remember Lima as the city of love where people kissed and hugged eachother all day but also all the fantastic food. Visiting the restaurant La Mar and Astrid …

Going to Porvoo with Svenska resebloggar and #travelhouseporvoo in September.

Sometimes being persistent pays of. During  my trips abroad in Peru I decided to go for travel blogging as well as fashion, environment and life that I already blog about every day due to the fact that I do travel a lot compared to many people and due to that I have a great wanderlust that doesn´t seem to fade. One of my first posts about travel where my preparations for my trip to Peru where I added some old travel photos that where taken with an old film camera, if you remember those.. Here me and my cousins are in London riding what I think is a sightseeing bus. ”this autumn I´m going to Finland, finally” For those who blog you know how much time it takes and how much passion you have to put into it to run a blog, either you have readers or not and my persistence have now paid of. I was selected among 13 other bloggers to go to a Finish Jazz festival in the medieval town of Porvoo (Borgå) …


Tired of my livingroom color (beige) and decided to repaint. While the paint was drying we went to Nora Brasserie for lunch. What do you think about the result? Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and 50 mm Canon lens.

Some cooking and a trip to Mårbacka, the home of Selma Lagerlöf.

Have been a bit absent due to a severe cold and that I now been traveling from my old hometown in Småland to Grythyttan, where I now live. It is not so far (about 270 km) but it takes basically a day traveling due to practical stuff as eating and running som errands on the way. The loooong picture stream of today features both Sunday evening, Monday and today and covers three counties in Sweden- Småland, Västmanland and Värmland. In the latter the home of the very famous, even on an international scale, author Selma Lagerlöf where me and my mother went on a guided tour in her old home. She was very popular and even when she was living tourist came in masses to see her home and it is said that she used to wave to them from the balcony. It is interesting since she died 1940. Afterward we had burgers at Diner 45, a 50´s American burger place on the E45 on the way to Torsby from Sunne and later on went …

Nightphoto from my summercabin.

Exhausted from being in my summer cabin over midsummer and the Gotland-trip. Don´t have strength enough to edit all photos. Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming for a shoot of her baby. It is going to be interesting to practice baby photography again. A new favorite, which I tried the first time yesterday is night photography with long shutterspead. This photo is taken with iso 160, shutterspead 13 sekonds and with a aperture of 8 (f). The whitebalance was set during the day and I never changed it, it was adjusted for sunny weather but I liked the effect it had on night. It is taken with my Canon 5D and there is no photoediting afterwards. What do you think? Katarina

Happy midsummer everybody!

Today we celebrate midsummer in Sweden. Will be back from the our summercabin saturday evening so don´t wait up for me. This is how we celebrate midsummer. Video borrowed from VideoCNJ on youtube. It is entertaining I must say to see a Swedish celebration put like this. We drink alcohol that taste bad, sing a song called ”the little frogs” and eat raw fish. Haha. Enjoy! Katarina  

Gotland, a sustainable travel destination or not?.

I decided (at this moment) to write something about Gotland and if it is a great place traveling in the view of someone who wants to travel sustainable. The answer is yes, but lets talk about it a little. At the moment me and my mother is in the hotel, drinking the cheapest wine we could find (since we barely can afford to eat due to the expensive place of Gotland). This is of course a negative thing, both from a traveler perspective but also in the eyes of the sustainable traveler. Going to Gotland you can go by ferry, which is a more sustainable alternative than traveling by airplane. I think that all, well, maybe all agree on this. But being so expensive, that is when something happens. ”And what is that”, you might ask yourself. Well yes, a big group of people can´t afford to travel to Gotland anymore and will then chose the more cheaper alternative of the low price flights and the high cost of environmental degredation. To sum up a …

Gotland: the Hanseatic town of Visby and the north.

A city tour in Visby. Visiting different parts of Visby during the day, Almedalen (where they have the yearly politic week in Sweden), the old pharmacy, the main square and other. In the evening mother and I also found time for the forest of the north, the coast and also some raukar. Amazing facts learned during city tour: 1. Buildings in Visby are from the 13th century and people live in them! They have had some problems with insurance companies who don´t believe them when telling the age of the living. 2. Visby was a transhipment port during the hanseatic time. 3. Visby suffered alot from digerdöden (think it is called the black pest or something like that) where half the population or as much as two third died. 4. Gotland used to be Danish for some time but was reclaimed by Swedes later. 5. Almost all churches are catholic churches and there is about one hundered. Almost all are medieval and from the 13th century. The church of Fårö is not. Katarina Canon 5D …

All I want is to stay on Fårö until the sea takes me.

Me and my mother went to Fårö today doin some pop-culture tourism. For you who doesn´t know the concept it is when the vaccation is about traveling to the sites where stories are told, like films and books. In the case of Gotland, many stories have been told and Fårö an island to the north, where the home of Ingmar Bergman for many years, one of Swedens most well known directors. We drove around Fårö visiting Bergman center, the church on Fårö where the director also is buried and also Bergman center, where we had a coffee and looked at the exhibitions. The name of the sites we visited is (in order shown in pictures) Fårö church, Bergman center, Gamle hamn, Lauter, Digerhuvud, Helgumannen, Langhammars, Fårö fyr and Engelska kolerakyrkogården (the English kolera-graveyard). Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom.  

Editing roses in photoshop.

I´m no big user of photoshop but last night I decided to edit some. My mother had brought home roses that where very beautiful, but had a lot of defects such as brown spots (see original picture one) and decided that this was an terrific time to start editing in photoshop. Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark iii and 50mm Canon lens f1.8. For your knowledge I have Adobe Photoshop CC (creative cloud) in Swedish. I translated the best I could but the names might be different in the English versions. My goal was to get rid of the spots on the roses and make the picture more attractive in general. I decided to go for a vintage-look since it is a popular editing technique for weddings nowadays. See final result in picture two. This is how I did it step by step: 1. I adjusted the lighting in the picture a little in Bridge. This is how I have learned that it should be done but in the case of the roses I think that …

Loppisrunda/ going second hand shopping in Värmland

Igår var jag och hälsade på en kompis i Värmland, närmare bestämt Hagfors. Vi åkte på loppisrunda under dagen och besökte både den ena och andra loppisen/antikaffären i Värmland. Värmlands möbler Antik och Kuriosa var en riktig guldgruva för den antikintresserade med ett mycket stort utbud av bland annat bröllopskistor. Dock var priserna något ojämna, en del billigt och en del lite dyrare. Vissa saker hade också (enligt mig) ett överpris, såsom resväskor för 250 kr, där låsen inte fungerade samt att de var i dåligt skick. Fyndade istället hela och rena resväskor på Röda korset och på en loppis i någons hus på landet, för 50 respektivet 60 kronor vilket enligt mig är mer av ett normalpris. På röda korset fick jag också tag i en kaftan från indonesien som någon tröttnat på för 60 kronor. På söndag reser kaftanen till Gotland. English transl- Yesterday I visited a friend in Värmland, Hagfors. We went to flea markets in Värmland during the day. Värmlands möbler Antik och Kuriosa is a real treasure box for anyone interested …

10 things to do in Lima- Post 4- Church of San Fransisco

Better late than never. The third on Times list and forth on mine, is the church of San Fransisco. Of course I visited the San Fransisco church when I was in Lima for three months. A colonial church of great magnitude which I gladely visit again if I ever return, which I will, or hope I will. The church is very close to Plaza de armas, maybe 2 minutes walk. As the text on Time, 10 things to do in Lima tells us about the church, ”Most people go to San Francisco, however, for its catacombs”, as did I. ”Tour guides say an estimated 75,000 bodies are buried under San Francisco alone, and many of the remains are exposed, stacked in strange patterns in circular stone pits. A catacomb tour is not for the squeamish or the claustrophobic.” says Time. This is correct, or this is the information I was given as well.’ Looking at the above picture, the catacombs are to the left and the entrance to the right are one of the main entrances …

Evening by a sea with friends.

After the master thesis presentation the 30th of may, we went to a place in Örebro close to Naturens hus. Some had a sallad, some had a barbeque. Photos with little or no saturation. First three photos is taken by Ben Crisp and edited by me. Rest taken by me and edited by me. All taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, with 24-105 mm Canon lens, and edited in Lightroom. Katarina

My masterthesis: Environment as a conflict issue

Environment as a conflict issue You can here music from the different regions being played mixed with more modern versions of the same. A distinct smell of city and diesel is hovering around and the car horns are loud. “Palta, palta” is yelled out from speakers, at first you react on the sound, but soon learn to familiarize with the bicycling fruit delivers who have speakers to enhance the important message, that now avocado is coming to your street. In Peru the three regions are of very great importance to the Peruvian culture. Not only due to history but also to the environment, creating micro climates and the possibility to grow a variety of crops. On the coast it is the ocean, in the Andes the glaciers and in the jungle, the amazon that are giving life to all these possibilities. Due to climate change and the lack of water many conflicts surrounding scarcity have occurred. One example in history is when 100 farmers took over the Hydro Electric plant, Cañón del Pato, due the …