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Food and cooking in Grythyttan.

I rambling on about my pinterest account, but for the photolover it is so much fun. Collecting whatever you like. On my Pinterest I have all these great billboards. One of my personal favorites that I care a bit extra about is ”Food and cooking in Grythyttan” . It is food photography from Grythyttan. Some photos are mine and some are randomly found on internet. Try to update as often as I can with my own photos etc.

Checked my archive (not pinterest and found some fun photos from earlier). Chef and cooking related.

In a way, food is amazing an certainly brings us all together. We often meet up to have food together here in Grythyttan and that is certainly something I will miss if leaving this small village.

A small recap of the food and cooking in Grythyttan:


Well, everybody knows this guy huh? Martin, happy but somewhat stressed chef! His speciality, desserts.


Dried chili, a musthave in the Martin- Katarina kitchen. With this we make our Picante de Huevos.


Found in the forest is the new concept. Martin wanted to fry these, I said NO…. … hehe. Just kidding.


The best of the best, alfajores, a Peruvian cookie.


Who can resist these? Chocolate cake with peanutbutter-frosting. From last weeks birthdayparty at Jessicas.


Martin making his raspberry fudge for Christmas.


Meeting up at the local pub Cornelis, having some beer and snacks.


Trying out new dessert techniques.


Daniel making food and Elina, trying out chocolate techniques.


Having some late evening snack at the University. 

HH7A4386 (kopia)

Mastering the the art of sushi-making.


Having pizza with friends.


Having glögg and shooting reflection portraits.


Making pasta with fennel saus. Recipe here.


Making kimchi.


Chef bff:s. An angry Peruvian guy with a bitter Skåning (person from the far south of Sweden).


Powercooking desserts. Kill the eggs.


Well, last but not least- Heading for the store in autumn light. 






Folks, that´s all for tonight. Check out pinterest!







  1. An absolutely SUPER set of photos, Katarina ! – so happy to see Martin in his element. 🙂
    So is he now working full-time in a restaurant ? Forgive me if I’ve missed out of stuff; moving away from the other public blog and setting this one up caused me to drop out of postings from all my friends, not just you, I promise !

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