Month: maj 2014

My masterthesis: Reporting on environment

The practical part of my masterthesis is finally done. It has it´s own webpage, which I of course also created. CLICK HERE– to get to the page. I will add one article at a time over the next days/week as well, since I am so proud over what I have accomplished and also wan´t to use it as a portfolio in the future. Katarina

A short trip to the center of the county, Örebro

I live in the south of Sweden, in a county that is called Örebro, if I haven´t mentioned this earlier. Arriving in Sweden after 3 months in another part of the world, you see how big the differences are but also that it is not that big a difference. Am I confusing? Today me, my mother and my partner in crime went to Örebro, to let my mom of to take the bus back home after getting us at the airport yesterday. Sweden isn´t so big, but there is still 3-4 hours by car to the airport in Stockholm so she decided to stay over. Arriving in Örebro the weather was fantastic, and yes, Sweden have great weather in the summer. Fresh air and hot summers are something that have become more common. If the change is of bad or good origin, who knows, Climate change or not, Örebro was shining. The city is recommended for tourists visiting Sweden. There is a lot to see in Sweden, not just in Stockholm, but in other parts …

Finally back home!

After a 30 hour flight I am finally back in Sweden and have unpacked. Feel free and happy to be off the plane and back home after numerous security checks and controls. The last day in Cusco i took this photo. The dog looked so relaxed even though people where running around all over the place. This is how I wan´t to feel like right now. On friday I am presenting my thesis. After this, I guess that life will finally look like this again. 😉 Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and editing in Lightroom.

Peru: On the road to Machu Picchu

I think I have to tell this story more than once. I am exhausted after a day at Machu Picchu, why I start with photos from the road to Machu Picchu and continue with more later. It is a complicated story of cost and how we got there, but basically you have to pay the cab to the trainstation, the train, the fee for entering Machu Picchu, the bus from the little village Machu Picchu up to the old city and also a guide. Overall I think me and Martin spend 3000 sek, at least, which is around 400-500 dollars depending. But the trainride, oh the trainride was worth it alone. Enjoy the pictures. They are from the trainride and from the village Machu Picchu, which is named Agua Caliente. They have hot springs there, why the name. A hot tip if deciding to travel the Andes, bring a raincoat. I did, never regreted that 🙂 Katarina As always taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and edited in lightroom.     …

Arrived in Cusco- checked in at Eco Inn Cusco

This morning we arrived in Cusco. The air feels a bit heavy from the hight so we wen´t directly to the hotel to check in. At first glans, Cusco Inn where we are staying looks amazing. We where nicely informed at the hotel lobby that since we stayed so long in Peru (more than 60 days) we now have to pay taxes, adding 15 dollars a day to the hotel bill, ending up in around 2100 sek for 3 nights. Not that much. We choose this hotel over hostels since we wanted a bit higher standard. In the rooms you are informed that you if you care about environment only should ask for change of sheets when needed. Kind of a western touch I guess. Since we are only staying three nights, this certainly won´t be needed. The planeride to Cusco was a bit bumpy I might add and also feel a little planesick. Think it is a distant cousin feeling to the bumpy ride over the Nasca lines. We took a cab from the …

the Masterthesis is delivered!

Im so incredibly happy right now. The master thesis is delivered and tomorrow morning, in about 9 hours we leave for Cusco. Are packing the bags, and planning the amazing outfit for Machu Picchu as we speak! Didn´t have anything visual that suited my thesis so thought you could enjoy one of the first sketches I drew before leaving Sweden when I first got my iPad. It is drawn in the free app, Adobe Ideas. Katarina

Machu Picchu soon coming up.

Me and Martin booked our trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu and will be there at the 22-25 of may, which it this week Thursday. I added a countdown widget to the left just for fun. For the time being. Enjoy some black and white photos I took Saturday in the district Rimac in Lima. Katarina Taken with my Canon 5D, 24-105 mm Canon lens and edited in Lightroom.

Astrid y Gaston- Casa Moreyra

Finally we wen´t for dinner at Astrid y Gaston, the restaurant Martin has been working on for two months. And what a restaurant. It is the best I ever had. History Astrid y Gaston is the worlds 18th best restaurant and have newly updated from it´s old quarters in Miraflores and are situated in San Isidro, the business quarters of Lima. The name Astrid y Gaston, means what it is saying, Astrid and Gaston. Gaston is Perus famous chef that have given the Peruvian cuisine world status, and Astrid is his wife. The house, is of old colonial style which where owned by the people who owned San Isidro, and the name is Casa Hasienda Moreyra. The food There is four different kitchens and three restaurant within Casa Moreyra. We had the tasting menu of 27 courses, that take the customer all over Peru´s different regions (the coast, the mountains and the jungle) and their respective cuisine. It is an extraordinary experience where the food is perfect and well thought true. It is well balanced …

The hunt for the perfect Peruvian clothing.

The Peruvian clothes are so my style. They have a lot of knitted garments which surely is my favorite. Found an amazing skirt when I wen´t to Gamarra the other day, haven´t been writing about it here but there is photos on my Instagram. The skirt is knitted, one size, hecho en peru and did fit me! The Peruvian garment industry are on the forefront of the clothing businesses with famous materials as Alpaca. The material are found in almost all Peruvian clothes, but are kind of expensive, if you buy the clothes in the wrong place. Location is everything, and going to the historic center compared to Miraflores, the price drops a lot. Also, in the Gamarra markets, local street markets with a lot of tiendas have a lot of these clothes. The direction to a specific one  on the other hand is hard to give since you have to take the local bus, and the bus system here is informal. You have to be a native Lima-person or have been living in Lima to …

Registered at

As you all know I have written quite some few posts about traveling which I love. I wan´t to keep up this even when getting back to Sweden and have now registered at Svenska resebloggar, a blog created by Towe Ahlin och Johanna Westberg, two travel bloggers who meet in Marocko not so long ago.. The sites purpose is that Swedish travelbloggers should have some where to meet but also for companies to find bloggers they wan´t to collaborate with. I say ”Very good initiative Johanna and Towe”. Katarina Maybe there will be more of this in the future?!  


Forgot to publish this in March, just published the photostory of Independencia, but I also wrote a feature with pictures about the water situation in Lima and Peru. Hope you find it interesting! Arriving in Lima, the humid heated city air hit you straight in the face at Jorge Chavez airport, making you realize that you are no longer in a cold country of zero degrees and misty surroundings of Arlanda airport, Stockholm. Even though there are differences, Sweden and Lima share the common threat, a changing climate and what that entail. Walking the streets of a mega city is so much different from being in small country like Sweden, where there is no mega city as far as the eye can reach. In Lima 8,5 million (figure from 2007) people live their everyday life, the second biggest desert city next to Kairo. But the thing special about Lima, is the climate. The humid foggy air definitively makes a difference, something you notice, this and the fact that it is not as warm as you …

Photoediting waterplay

Sometimes it is easy to forget that by one picture, you can get many different, after editing. I no big photoediter, always use Lightroom, rarely photoshop. But these two pictures caught my eye and I decided to go a little bananas. This proves that the best tool is the mind. Which one do you like the best? Pic 1-5. Nr 6-7 are the original pictures. Be amazed by my fantastic skills! 😉 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.    

Peru: Go to Huacca China- a oasis outside Ica

It is amazing! As one part of last weekend when we traveled we wen´t to Huacca China, a backpackers paradise next to Ica. I might have told you before that I love the desert, but I love love love, the desert. It is so distant from what I am used to. Okay, I acknowledge that the sand itself is a bit tricky to like. It is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It almost got into my Canon 5D as well after Martin carried the camera to the top of one of the sand dunes. Due to it is a travel paradise, you can get american or continental breakfast, which feels like a gift send from above when eating food you are not used to for over two months. Sometimes you miss the simple, and it is often the food. A critique not to Huacca China people but the people who travel there. Don´t throw trash in the sand dunes, bring it with you down for god´s sake. Pollution is already a problem and trash looks so awful. …

Peru: Buying a folklore suit.

Today we wen´t shopping early morning for a folklore suit, which I had told Elia that I wanted one. We found them in the district of Rimac. At the first picture you see me in my second alpacka poncho, in black n white. We had to look for some time before we found one in the size L. Most people just look at me and say no. Some laugh. Have no idea why. There is a lot of different dresses from all regions in Peru. I choosed the Cusco dress. I really love the falda (skirt) with the colored stripes. the jacket is also a favorite I will wear during the summer in Sweden with a pair of blue jeans. Well, the total outfit isn´t that easy to pull off. Traditional clothing rarely is. The whole outfit costed 150 soles, like 350 sek and 70 dollars? Not exactly correct, but something like that. Supercheap! The mannequins, doesn´t really help do they? Also bought the traditional shoes they wear in the Andes for 7 soles. like 18 …

A photo of yet another boy.

I think this photo came out great and that is why I decided to post it in a post of it´s own. It i Martin, my boyfriend and model for life that are in the hotelroom in Huacca China, the oasis outside Ica. There is no photoediting, it is taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii early morning around 8.00 o ´clock this Monday, before we had American breakfast and left for Lima yet again. These days I am only focusing on my master thesis, that is why I sometimes just lingers on photos, and wish I had some spare time to go out and take some more fantastic photos. Iso 640, f 7,1, and a shutterspead of 1/100.  What is your opinion? Katarina

Länge leve kläderna- i Peru

English down below pics. Skrev i början av min bloggkarriär ett inlägg som jag döpte till ”Länge leve kläderna”. Blev nostalgisk när jag lästa det och tänkte att jag kunde göra en uppföljning på detta inlägget varav denna post är på svenska.  För i detta så pratar jag om min köpomställning till ett hållbarare konsumtionsbeteende. Sen pratar jag även om att jag ska göra en sida om min vintagegarderob, åh ja, ja det blev ju inte av. Skrev däremot ett första inlägg om mina vintageväskor som du kan läsa och titta på bilder om här. Rubriken, Länge leve kläderna, bygger på min filosofi om att vi måste ha kläderna längre och konsumera mindre- vilket jag förespråkar före att köpa nyproducerat ekologisk som strategi. Om kläderna håller längre köper vi också mindre och vips, så minskar miljöbelastningen sådär smart och automatiskt utan att vi egentligen behöver tänka. Men, handen på hjärtat, hur har det nu gått för mig första delen in i 2014? Sådär vill jag ju då säga. Året startade bra med säkert 3 shoppingfria …