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5 tips of photography podcasts

My latest addiction is podcasts. Yes, I am sorry, I am 5 years behind everyone else. Even the podcasts themselves think so since I am listening to podcast radioshows from 2008.

I listen to both Swedish and English podcasts, mainly Swedish. So here is list of both Swedish and English podcast I enjoy listening to when heading back and forth from work.

1. Fotosidan Poddradio– Swedish pod from the Swedish site Fotosidan. Base the content on interviews with others. For example listen to ”Bättre spridning med CC-licens” and get some info about the Creative Commons license, what it means as well as what you as a photographer can use it for. In this particular pod they give the example on how to reach more people through making your art available for others. Host is Göran Segeholm.

2. the art of photography– English pod that have everything. Regularly updated with a rich archive. Particularly liked the episode about Ansel Adams which is a history treasure box about Ansel Adams life as a photographer. Relistened immediately. This pod shows film of the person talking at the same time as well as show the picture that is discussed. Not recommended when driving ;). Hosted by Ted Forbes and started 2008.

3. Bildradion– The same guy as Fotosidan Poddradio Göran Segeholm. This is the ”same” pod as Fotosidan poddradion, firs version. Love his voice. Holds a great collection of episodes as discussions about quality in photography in the episode ”En definition av kvalité”.

4. This week in photo- also short TwiP – Rambles on about everything about photo. Enjoyed listening to a discussion about ”What´s up with Nikon and Canon? where they question why Canon and Nikon not are up to speed on what other camera makers are making as in the recent development of mirror less cameras that weigh less. Hosted by several men and one woman. Well, kind of reflects the gender balance in the photography business.

5. Fotostudion pod- Fotostudion as well as Fotosidan exist as webpages and in this pod two guys talk (not sure who) about anything and everything about photo and interview people in the pod. My recommendations is to listen to the one about one of my favorite bloggers – Fotopodden Avsnitt 5 – Nevnarien.

To have some other podcast tips, check out 10 gratis podcasts för fotografer.



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