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Vikers church

After work I headed of to meet a couple whos wedding I am going to shoot later this year. We talked about their plans for an hour and had some coffee. Before heading to them I took a trip to the church where they are going to get married. When I was there, the sun was setting and well, you can actually tell a difference inbetween the arriving photo and the photo I shot when leaving just having been there for fifteen minutes or so. Might be the settings of the camera, might be the light 🙂

Vikers kyrka/ church is happily situated inbetween Nora and Karlskoga in Västmanland Sweden, close to the lake Vikern. The church is from 1871, made of stone and holds some art from local Örebro artists. I will most likely go back some time in april to check the church out inside, spot some nice photospots and shoot some test photos of the couple.


vikers_kyrka vikers_kyrka-2


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