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Lufsa runt i Garphyttans Nationalpark

Plötsligt kommer suget och jag kan inte riktigt hejda mig. Jag är bara tvungen! Det kliar i upptäckarnerven, jag vet inte om det är för att en inte kan resa och fara som en vill numera eller om det bara är våren som pockar på, jag bara vet att jag vill ut och skrika högt rakt ut över takåsarna ”Hej våren, nu är det dags”. Jag bör inte vara ensam. Så jag packar in E i bilen tillsammans med sittunderlag och lite fika och beger mig västerut, mot det stora kända, till allas vår nu samlingspunkt naturen och Garphyttans nationalpark. En i taget besöker jag Sveriges nationalparker. Genom vandring och båt räknar jag med att nå dem alla någon gång. Det tar de år det tar. Här kan du läsa mer om mina äventyr i Sveriges nationalparker. Sveriges nationalparker Sverige har numera 30 nationalparker, en har adderats till totalen sedan jag startade mitt projekt att besöka Sveriges alla nationalparker och enligt egen utsago hade jag besökt femton parker när jag besökte Björnlandet, varpå denna torde bli …

A sneakpeek of last weeks wedding

The reason why I not have posted posts all week is the reason that I shot my second wedding of my extremely long carrier as a wedding photographer this last weekend. Well, that and the fact that I at the moment in the Czech Republic on a trip. This is a sneakpeek of that wedding. Will of course do an entire post later and tons of travel guides from Prague and East Moravia where I am at the moment. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm Art lens. Couple: Ellinor and Thomas, October 3rd, Örebro.

Preparing for an October wedding – a cow, a dog and some sand

This weekend I am shooting my second wedding for my carrier, in Örebro. During the day I was at Scandinavian photo and prepared for the weekend mission by buying a new battery for my camera, two new memory cards, a CF card of 64 gb and a SD card of 64 gb plus some batteries for my polaroid. The wallet said ”ouch” when paying but, ”because I am worth it”, as the Loreal commercial says. Last weekend (two weeks ago) I met up with my third wedding couple to prepare for an mid Ocotober wedding the 17th. I shot some of my favorite photos for the year, a cow, a dog and a lot of sand *grin*. This weeding will take place close to my hometown in Småland. The weather was so magnificent it fel like middle of summer. Katarina

scouting spots for wedding photography in Örebro

Camera *check*, extra battery *check*, Sigma lens *check*. After packing carefully I head out to my car. Fear rises when I get out on the bigger roads in Stockholm. Will there be a lot of cars, maybe even a que? But today I am lucky and it is only me and a few cars on the road giving me a free lane. I drive slowly and are soon on my way. The day has been spend checking spots for an upcoming wedding in Örebro the 3rd of October. I have been longing to shoot a wedding ever since I was on Iceland so this was a happy day! A church, a bridge and a castle later I head home to my cosy apartment that I have grown fond of and edit some photos before Martin gets back. After 20 minutes he calls ”I am on my way home” and I feel even more happy. Sundays are the best days! Both getting the possibility to shoot some photos and now the rest of the evening will be …

Vårruset Örebro

Today the event Vårruset took place in Örebro. Some of my co-workers and I attended the event, that was filled with color, laughter and shifting weather, in the end mostly sun. The event vårruset takes place every year and are held 2015 in 17 cities around Sweden, it is for all women of all shapes and forms. Old and young/ fit and not so fit.. Apparently we where in the first class of the classes that started, which ment ”runners”. Well, we hid during the start and ended up in class three of four where the walkers where, much more my my kind of situation. I am not and will probably never become a runner. After walking the 5 km I got home around half past ten, took a quick shower, quickly edited the photos in lightroom and are now off to bed. Katarina Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens (with adapter). Edited in lightroom.  

Another round at Zen

Last Thursday we spend some time at Zen yet again and this round around I brough my DSLR. Must say in these lightingconditions the DSLR does better than the cellphone even though that it is possible to shoot good photos with the phone nowadays. I was on a checkup at a skinterapeut after doing some facial treatments. The food is totally recommended and very yummie. We got ourself some Moshi at the asian store close to Zen and some other ingredients for Miso soup and other dishes as well. Will be back in a couple of days with a recipe for Miso soup that Martin cooked shortly after our visit at Zen. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, 40 mm Canon Lens f2.8.

Sen Street Food in Örebro

Yesterday I went to Örebro for some maintenance of my skin. Might tell you about it another day (and maybe show some pictures, if I dare.. ). Anyway, after my maintenance and some shopping me and my friends went for some food and found this amazing place in Örebro Saluhallar when purchasing cheese. I had a tofu dish, with shrimp dumplings and moshi ice-cream. The surprise being the ice-cream, never have I tried anything like that before. The taste of the food was delicious and it felt very fresh. A plus for the low price of around 35 sek for the dumplings and below 100 sek for the main dish. A price-wothy meal. Today we are having the cheese that we bough yesterday and the guys are at the University preparing marmelade to serve with the cheese. I wonder who bought crackers? Yesterday I forgot my memorycard to my camera, won´t do that mistake today! ciao. Katarina Ps. Tomorrow is last day competing about a travel guide from Karavan.   Photos: Shot with my iPhone 6+, …

Out shopping.

Those days when you know that you need to do other stuff you tend to just go and do nothing. Our day doing nothing was filled with doing something, named shopping in Örebro. Martin needed to return a couple of jeans that didn´t live up to what was promised of them and we checked out IKEA for some frames. In the end we didn´t return with any frames but coffee- glases and scented candles. Now back home Martin is playing Grand Theft Auto and me are blogging, soon to edit some more photos from the shoot earlier this week. Have a great weekend! Katarina   Canon 5D Mark iii 40mm Canon lens f.2.8 Edit Lightroom

The end of an era- the last Hobbit movie

Sunday was spend Christmas shopping and with the last Hobbit movie. Now that the era is over, I kind of feel nothing. I thought I would feel more. I guess I am in some form of chock. Hobbit-chock. I am a bit disappointed of the end.. I have to say. Sorry Hobbit lovers etc, I loved it but.. well the end.. Wont spoil it for everybody else so I will leave it at that. Don´t mistake my disappointment for not loving the fairytales though. Last year I wrote a declaration of love about the hobbit movies. Read it here. So me not loving the end is probably just a disappointment in the lack of a fairytale end. Now is to early to have any opinion more than, well, this was the end and I am not sure if I liked it Peter Jackson. I  probably have to come back to this and explain why. I have promised myself to watch them all, all the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring movies during Christmas. Already looking forward …

Red hot camerabag.

Another new camerabag. I bought this one at the same time as the last one and this one costed around 27 dollars at My camera, keys, wallet etc fits in there with the 50 mm lens on, as long as I remove the extra camera padding. What do you think? Can give you a extra photo tips and that is based on the last picture of me taken by my boyf. It is the photo of my back walking. I look extremely short in this picture (and I´m 178cm tall). It is preferable to be photographed by someone shorter, or that the photographer shoot from a lower angle or else you will look shorter (than necessary) and also chubbier. No problem if you are super-skinny and an amazon woman, but for the rest of us out there, get the photographer to cooperate and make the best of the situation. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8, ed in lightroom. Photos of me taken by Martin Benitez Clothes: Old knitted black …

Evening by a sea with friends.

After the master thesis presentation the 30th of may, we went to a place in Örebro close to Naturens hus. Some had a sallad, some had a barbeque. Photos with little or no saturation. First three photos is taken by Ben Crisp and edited by me. Rest taken by me and edited by me. All taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, with 24-105 mm Canon lens, and edited in Lightroom. Katarina

A short trip to the center of the county, Örebro

I live in the south of Sweden, in a county that is called Örebro, if I haven´t mentioned this earlier. Arriving in Sweden after 3 months in another part of the world, you see how big the differences are but also that it is not that big a difference. Am I confusing? Today me, my mother and my partner in crime went to Örebro, to let my mom of to take the bus back home after getting us at the airport yesterday. Sweden isn´t so big, but there is still 3-4 hours by car to the airport in Stockholm so she decided to stay over. Arriving in Örebro the weather was fantastic, and yes, Sweden have great weather in the summer. Fresh air and hot summers are something that have become more common. If the change is of bad or good origin, who knows, Climate change or not, Örebro was shining. The city is recommended for tourists visiting Sweden. There is a lot to see in Sweden, not just in Stockholm, but in other parts …

Concerning the Weather

Min nya artikel som publicerades i Type Magazine igår. Längst ner finns tillhörande film som visar potentiella översvämningsområden i Örebro som finns på min nu också nya youtube kanal- Katarina Wohlfart. Ämnar främst att använda den till de filmer jag producerar som journalistiskt arbete, men vi får se, kanske får blodad tand. /Katarina It may not be obvious to everyone, but there is no snow. The weather in Sweden has been uncommonly mild during December, even past New Year’s Eve. But is this the calm before the storm? The 6th of December 2013 several parts of Skåne where flooded due to high seawater levels., the webpage providing important information during a crisis, stated that municipalities warned house owners about water in cellars. Several media, among those SVT, reported of water filling the streets of Malmö, Helsingborg and other cities. Hallandsposten reported the same day that due to the river Nissan and its high water levels the municipality of Halmstad warned their inhabitants of the risk of walking and biking paths being covered with water and …

Intervju med Åsa Ödman på Länsstyrelsen

Har idag varit och intervjuat Åsa Ödman på Länsstyrelsen i Örebro för kommande podcast och artikel. Det handlar fortsatt om konsumtion. Artikel och podcast kommer i december. Fortsätter på temat konsumtion och är den 3e december anmäld till Miljöforskningsdag för journalister på Naturvårdsverket i Stockholm, tema konsumtion. Nyheterna rapporterar idag hur viktiga organisationer lämnar klimatmötet i Warzawa. ”– Det är runda bord-samtal och event för att visa att man snackar. Med det är bara på ytan. Förhandlingarna går inte framåt.” säger Gotelind Alber till SvD. Det twittras för fulla muggar under taggen #cop19. Katarina

En visit till Sveriges Radio i Örebro- Visiting the Swedish Radio

    Har spenderat dagen på Sveriges Radio i Örebro med Anna Nyström och mina klasskamrater i Journalism Connected. På förmiddagen hade vi en workshop där vi lyssnade på varandras förinspelade radiomaterial och testade kort att vara radiopratare och gick runt och lyssnade på olika radiopratare, något vi fortsatte med under eftermiddagen. Då min buss anländer tidigt hade jag turen att vara med på avslutningen av deras morgonprogram med Alexander, Marie och Arne, om jag minns namnen rätt. Jag har fått en fantastisk respekt för radio, hur allt måste klicka, att man måste vara ”vaken” och lyssna på den som medverkar i programmet för att ställa rätt frågor och att man måste hitta sin radioröst. Det och mycket mer fick jag med mig av dagen på Sveriges Radio i Örebro. Katarina   Samsung NX 10, objektiv fast 16mm pannkaksobjektiv, vidvinkel. Snabbredigerat i Google Picasa på grund av dåligt ljus i studiorna.  

Årets julklapp är ett löfte!

Sara Richert på sin blogg om miljö. Helt klart tänkvärd läsning där jag både får dåligt samvete och blir peppad till förändring. Jul är sannerligen den högtid där det blir extra viktigt att tänka på miljön, för allas vår framtid. Läs, läs, läs! Årets julklapp är ett löfte!.

Universitetet- Forth n Back

Tänkte ni skulle få följa med mig fram och tillbaka till universitet en dag, så satte ihop några bilder fram och tillbaka. Bilderna är tagna olika dagar under denna veckan (av praktiska skäl för ena dagen regnade det då och då och andra dagen var jag sen och fick springa till bussen). Lyckades dock ta ett foto samtidigt som jag sprang. Snapshots innan jag hoppar på bussen.. Örebroslott, taget från stadsbussen, som jag passerar varje dag. En vacker vy. Örebro universitet- långhuset. Mina klasskamrater äter lunch. Rime börjar bli van att jag tar foton nu.. Enrique och Karin, doin´radio as champs! På väg hem har vädret blivit vackrare igen. Vidare på banankakekalas hos Sanna efter hemkomst i mitt fynd från myrorna. Blandad redigering i Google Picasa. Foton tagna med min Samsung NX10, pannkaksobjektiv 16mm fast, f2.4, vidvinkel. Katarina