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My friend Linda-Marie turns 30.

The proof that the level of alcohol and the ability to shoot photos with some sort of focus are directly related. Yes, we had fun.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.


HH7A0687 HH7A0691 HH7A0722 HH7A0727 HH7A0728 HH7A0731 HH7A0735 HH7A0741 HH7A0748 HH7A0756 HH7A0759 HH7A0764 HH7A0766 HH7A0772 HH7A0777 HH7A0783


  1. Ah ! – at last a selfie, so that we know you really were there … and it wasn’t someone else taking the photos. [grin]
    It looks like it was a terrific bash ! – at whose place was it ?


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