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Borgå- Porvoo – with the bloggers in the Archipelago- a presentation.

As you well know by now is that I traveled to the city of Borgå/Porvoo in Finland with a bunch of other bloggers. I thought that I would do a fair presentation of them (hopefully they think so to). Check out their blogs and the hashtag #travelhouseporvoo if you haven´t already to get an idea of the wonderful gang I just spend almost a full week in Borgå with.

The photos are edited in lightroom and photoshop.

Kpunkka. instagrammer


This is Konsta, a instagrammer that among the bloggers participating in the trip probably are the one with the most followers. How about 110 K on insta? Well, if you have to have a letter on the number of followers, you know that you are important. 

The above photo was taken at the flee market in the morning Saturday Sept. 13th (yesterday), before heading for the archipelago. After the quick stop at the fleemarket in the morning where I also bought a rug, we headed for the archipelago. Before going on the boat, Konsta took this photo (I edited) of me and the other Katarina, who also is a travel blogger, running the blog, Kattas betraktelser.

kattas betraktelser.


 A hug the merrier.

A funny story about Katarina isn´t just that we have the same name but we also work at the same job, but in different regions. We found out when we added eachother as friends on facebook (or the other Katarina found out).

Katarina you find on instagram as well under the label kattasodkt.

rexy adventures.


When leaving the camera anything can happen- rexyadventures goes for a selfie or two. Photos taken by Ed himself, and edited by me.

Rexyadventures, or just plain Ed is a travel blogger (or travelwriterworkersomething) from England with a severe accent of some kind. He is a jolly fellow always kidding around. Tried to take several photographs of him, but, yeah, well, he always strike a pose.


Konsta kind of gave up on all of Ed´s weird posing. Ed or Rexy or whatever also have an instagram account, you can reach him at



sofia with the blog Fantasiresor.



Sofia run the blog Fantastiresor, which is a blog for the travelcrazy person. Sofia reallllllly likes to travel and are heading to her next trip as we speak. I checked my photos from this week and well, I think she also is as photocrazy as she is travelcrazy. I bascially only have photos of her with a camera in the face or with her ponytail blowing in the wind.

Katja at Skimbaco(travel and lifestyle Magazine)

Katja and me as well as Sofia at Fantasiresor have met before. The others where new to me. Katja run the lifestyle/travel magazine Skimbaco and is a great traveler who have moved around the world. I met her on the Stockholm Travel Massive some weeks ago and hanged with her and her daughters the other day doing some art. Her smallest is a talented artist and made a fantastic mudthingy (fox) and have great many followers on Pinterest. Katja started the hashtag #IGtravelthursday on Instagram and have written a book about using Instagram. You find her page on and her on Instagram as well, Skimbaco.


Patrik, journalist for Orkesterjournalen

Patrik I met for the first time and he is a journalist for the Swedish Magazine, Orkesterjournalen. Him and Sofia realized that they are basically neighbours, how odd.

Mommas Kitchen and PickiPicki

Veronica and Kristina, the girls behind the blogs Moma´s Kitchen  and the blog Picki Picki, inspiring food blogs where Veronice focuses on Carribian food and I think (after checking) that Picki Picki basically have a little of everything when it comes to food, participated part of the trip. On their blogs you also can get inspired if interested in food- photography.

skärgård 6

 At top right you find the food bloggers Veronica and Kristina slacking on the side of the mountain. 


Marcela and Felipe, the Brazilian couple behind the blogg and the company Fotostrasse (maybe I am not sure that I am totally correct here about the company but at least the blog is named Fotostrasse) live in Berlin and enjoys traveling. They take incredible photos but poor Felipe lost his camera after a jump into the refreshing but somewhat cold Baltic when we where at our last stop in the archipelago, the island Pellinge, where we where enjoying Finnish sauna.


The actual moment where Felipe loose his cam.


Freezing your but of is funny sometimes

Well, that is about all for tonight guys.

Before I go want to say thanks to all you who arranged the trip from Porvoo, the travelhouseporvoo team. I had such a great time and hope to see you another time aswell!




    • Hmm. Vet inte vad för fotoredigeringsprogram. Menar du lightroom? (photoshop lightroom). Det är det bästa. 🙂 Det kostar en slant men jag tror man kan betala månadsavgift och kolla på adobe, det kan vara gratis en månads prem som test där. The heter Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

      • ah jag misstänkte det, mindes det så. Vet inte om jag har lust betala bara… Det är där du gör flera samtidigt med samma filter, lägger vattenstämpel och så?

        • Hmm. Ja det är inte filter i lightroom, men jag justerar ljuset. Typ temperatur, exponering, mättnad osv. Väljer en redigering, t ex ”idag vill jag ha svartvitt med hög kontrast” och då gör jag en bild, sen trycker jag cmd+c (ctrl+c i windows) och klistrar in på varje bild. Sen markerar jag de bilder jag ska exportera och trycker arkiv exportera (eller jag kan snabbknappen för det med så använder den). Har en färdiginställd mapp som heter wordpress som jag exportear alla bilderna i 900px x 600px med en vattenstämpel som jag gjort vid ett tidigare tillfälle (man gör det i lightroom med) och voilá allt exporteras till en mapp och är redo att laddas upp. För instagram väljer jag sedan en bild som jag drar till en mapp som jag har namngett instagram i Lightroom. Den ligger under mapparna som kallas smarta samlingar och den synkroniserar jag. Så har jag lightroom i paddan och telefonen. Så klickar jag bara på lightroom i telefonen och addar ett foto när jag vill till insta 🙂 Mycket smart och mycket bra 🙂

          • haha omg det där skulle du ju kunna ägna en hel timme åt att berätta för mig utan att jag hängde med! 😉 Men låter sjukt smart!! Försöker också göra allt så enkelt som möjlig, skicka mellan enheter och så.

          • Ja men det är vipsenkelt. Till bloggen tycker jag dock det är enklast att använda datakraft men det är att jag postar ganska många bilder samtidigt. Men skulle lätt kunna skriva en enkel, ”såhär gör jag” guide. Det är rätt enkelt och går så snabbt. Perfa!

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