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A fashion walk: Sven Harrys Museum and the exhibition Swedish Fashion 2000-2015

It has been some time since I wrote basically anything about fashion. But this weekend I went to Stockholm to visit my friend and on Saturday me, Caroline and Marcus went to the newly opened Sven Harrys museum in Vasaparken for the summer exhibition of Swedish Fashion 2000-2015.

And what an exhibition! I must say that a personal favorite of mine is Swedish fashion and I own a lot of Swedish clothes. Some of the brands that I own clothes from was represented in the museum as Acne (I have at least three dresses), Hope (I have a sweather), Rodebjer (I own one garment, a dress), Odd Molly (I have a pink old knitted jacket that was a favorite for a long time, nowadays I´m not much of a folk lore person) and others. Bea Szenfeld Haute Papier (I think her very famous collection of paper clothes was called), was represented as well as a the short film Ann-Sofie Back Held Hostage For Her Crimes Against Fashion.

The exhibition have ended (the 31 of August) but enjoy the photos!



It´s all about Swedish fashion. Trousers from Monki, t-shirt and top from H&M. The jacket is though Danish and from Soaked in Luxury and the shoes I bough in Peru.


On the way to the museum still on Södermalm.


Carolines bag is from Desigual which is a Spanish brand of very colorful clothes. Last year when I went to Barcelona I bought a dress and top from Desigual that I still use a lot during the summer.


Veronica Maggio, Swedish music artist.


Entrance, Sven Harrys museum.


Overwhelming and a lot. But why not live museum guides wearing Swedish fashion the next time?


Must say that I love this dress. The top is extraordinary and really my style.


Some clothes need to be hanging from the ceiling to be made justice, don´t you agree?


The clothes where remarkable and I wasn´t the only one that felt that way. To the left you have clothes designed especially for Icona Pop for a concert in New York.


Shoes to die for.


Head- accessories isn´t always easy wearing.


The green dress was worn by Loreen at the Eurovision song contest finals and was made especially for her.




Odd Molly.


I just love these shoes. Give me a pair now and I will wear them everyday to work.




Red. The top to the right I think is the same top that Björk wore for a gala and is made of paper. It is from Bea Szenfeld if I am correct.


Fashion sketches. Haven´t done any for some time now but my fingers are itching when I see these.


Knitted garments at its best. Slightly difficult to wear I might add.

HH7A8660 HH7A8661 HH7A8664


On the rooftop.


This is my favorite of the entire show and if I would buy something (if that was possible) this would be it. So my future style. These are designed by Naim Josefi and would fit my dream travel wardrobe perfectly.

HH7A8669 HH7A8675


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