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Debutant coctail- the outfit

Yesterday me and Martin went to the yearly debutant coctail with friends from the third year here. Took a lot of photos and will post them tomorrow or Sunday but here is a little taste, the outfit of the day.

The dress is from Betsey Johnson, an American designer. I bought this dress on the Swedish ebay a long time ago from a girl who bought it to a wedding and then got pregnant, ending up with a to small dress. I have loved it for the first time I saw it but haven´t really had the opportunity to use it. Now was the time. What do you think about it?

The earrings are from the same designer and also bought at ebay. I think I paid about 400 sek (70 dollars maybe) and like 2 dollars for the earrings.


Canon 5 D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, Velbon tripod and RC6 Canon Self Timer.

HH7A8959 HH7A8971 HH7A8979 HH7A8987


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