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the blogs I read.

I´ve been a blogger for a while now and a post about some of my favorites would be in place. Maybe you don´t notice but, yes I read a lot of blogs and post a lot of comments. I like some because you feel like my friends and I can publicly argue with you and I like some due to the fact that you take amazing photography’s or that I can learn something else from you. I will start with only a couple, no relevans in order. My idea is to create a list that I will update on a regular basis. Will put the list somewhere..


Writes about a little of everything


This is Margararet (M-R) ! Photo: lended to me by M-R

M- R. Margarete Rose Stringer. She lives in Australia, a country I never visited, yet it feels like I know her. She have written a book I´m reading at the moment, the memoirs of her life.

Focuses on photography

Divage, Antonia– A photoblogger that post about one photo per day. Sometimes brings up political stuff and her view of that. Always enough bitterness in-between the lines to continue to call herself a Swede. Met her for a photowalk late August and posted three posts from that walk, 1. A photowalk in Stockholm, part 1 , 2. A photowalk in Stockholm, part 2 and 3. A photowalk in Stockholm, part 3. A lot of the photos have this cool blurry-ness and mystique, often motion-blurr.


Nevnarien. a Swedish photoblogger that post amazing posts. this summer she went to the medieval week on Gotland/ (the Hanseatic town of Visby) and she made the dresses by hand. She posted a film about creating them. Very entertaining if you speak Swedish. Have a lot of guides on photography and used to work at Scandinavian photo. She is at the moment studying photography in Stockholm. Use the same cameras as I do (just an earlier model) and writes in Swedish.

Rebeckas Foto. Rebecka lives in Gothenburg/now Skövde and takes amazing photos. At the moment a lot of photos with grey filters and long shutterspeed, a favorite of mine. Have many guides on photography and have started her own company. At the moment she takes a lot of wedding assignments. Use the same camera as I do and writes in Swedish.

Travel-related blogs

a Lady and a TrampJohanna, a travelblogger and almost a friend due to the many discussions on my blog. Lives in Umeå and is interested in photography as well.

Svenska resebloggar Is a network of blogs created by Johanna, with the blog a Lady and a Tramp, and Towe with the blog, Come fly with me. Two major travelgirls that came up with the smart idea of getting every travelblogger in Sweden to start networking. It was on this site I applied for my trip to Borgå (since more than one have asked) and I think there is wonderful prospects for this site.

Svenska resebloggar (travel blogs of Sweden) did a post about me and my Selfiestick that I got fram Charlotta,





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