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Borgå- Porvoo- day one- Meeting some new friends.

My body is aching but my soul is at peace. Already made new friends. This is why I love traveling.

As told before I am on a “blog-trip” to Finland and to be exact Borgå/Porvoo. Today was the first day and we went started by visiting the Arabia factory in Helsinki. Well, it was the Arabia, Fiskars and Ittala place.

I finally bought four Mumin Arabia mugs. I think my soul is at peace and that I don´t have to do anything more on the entire trip, I am now satisfied

But waiting for us in Porvoo was a cake which I cannot remember the name of. It is described as the “semla” of Finland and is filled with bitter-almond. Very interesting, I would though have compared it to the Swedish “sockerkaka” rather than the semla.

After having an entire cake and saying hello to everyone, (still trying to remember everybodies names), we left for a guided tour of old Porvoo on bikes. I though I came prepared to what was coming for me but actually, the old part of Porvoo is really old, it is not just a saying. The church we visited is medieval and can be compared to the churches of Gotland to which I passed many during my trip there in June.

After the church came the selfie. Got to borrow a selfiestick from a good girl name Charlotte in Stockholm, running the store Visit and buy (!), a musthave among every instagrammers photoequip. See and follow @selfieshopsweden @sofiazetterqvist @kpunkka @skimbaco @a_travel_girl @the1little_artist #travelhouseporvoo.

In the evening we had dinner, a pop-up local chef gave us a taste of the local cuisine and along came local musical artists as well.

Stuffed with delicious dinner I am now in my little hostel room at the Porvoo hostel warming my feet from the wool-socks that someone made for us bloggers. How happy a time´.

What I learned today

1. Many Finns speak Swedish. Many more than I thought.

2. Borgå is much bigger than I had imagined. I thought I was arriving in the Finnish Grythyttan, instead it was the Finnish Västervik.

3. It is possible to have ache in the arms instead of the legs, after riding a bike. It definitively depends on which model of a big you choose.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom.

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