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Studying photography at the University of Gothenburg

I have insinuated but not told you the whole story. I decided to take a photoclass at the University of Gothenburg, an advanced one where we are suppose to do a project. Read more about the course if you are interested by clicking here.

When applying I applied with some old photos of mine. At the moment I was in Peru and didn´t have very much of a portfolio. We where suppose to apply with photos connected to the project we wanted to go through with. I used some of the following. Don´t remember the exact ones. The most important thing was that I got accepted to the course which I was.


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The project

When in Peru I started to think about a project and what I would do. I didn´t really need to do much thinking before the project I am now planning to do took form. Something that I have though a lot about and have a lot of knowledge about is the ”dying countryside” of Sweden.

When traveling around the country of Sweden, or if you are like I, living outside a bigger city, you soon start to notice these small towns that are vanishing after the bigger industries or employers have left. It have happened during the 90s or in the latest economic crisis but in many cases started a long time ago. My interest lies both in the past but also in the future. Even though these villages diminishes, some manage to flourish. I have an interest in both perspectives, the vanishing part and the flourishing part. My project will be about Bergslagen, where I live but I am still developing the idea and might end up somewhere entirely different. But that is the beauty of it, isn´t it?


A photo from this weekends shooting. Thinking of doing the entire project in black and white. What do you think?


Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens. Lesjöfors, Värmland.


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