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Meeting another blogger- at lillatildeshem

When in Borgå/Porvoo, one of the evenings where spend, for me and a little group, at a local bloggers house where she prepared dinner for us. She had such an amazing house that I could probably have spend hours and hours photographing it but here are at least some pics.

The Menu as follows on the first photo:

  • Starters, Fish from Pellinge; cold smoked salmon, raw spiced fish and smoked trout with caviar.
  • Main course; Fishburgers
  • Dessert: Blueberry pie with ice cream.

The food was served on fantastic Arabia china, probably my favorite detail from the entire dinner. Love my Arabia. In the blogpost ”Middag” on the blog you can find the fantastic recipes from the dinner.

Maybe Sofia (the blogger) should have a regular ”hemma hos” or ”dine with” event for travelers interested in the local cuisine. Who wouldn´t choose that over a local restaurant?! 😉



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