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Some cooking and a trip to Mårbacka, the home of Selma Lagerlöf.

Have been a bit absent due to a severe cold and that I now been traveling from my old hometown in Småland to Grythyttan, where I now live. It is not so far (about 270 km) but it takes basically a day traveling due to practical stuff as eating and running som errands on the way.

The loooong picture stream of today features both Sunday evening, Monday and today and covers three counties in Sweden- Småland, Västmanland and Värmland. In the latter the home of the very famous, even on an international scale, author Selma Lagerlöf where me and my mother went on a guided tour in her old home. She was very popular and even when she was living tourist came in masses to see her home and it is said that she used to wave to them from the balcony. It is interesting since she died 1940. Afterward we had burgers at Diner 45, a 50´s American burger place on the E45 on the way to Torsby from Sunne and later on went to shop at Ikea. 🙂

When we arrived in Grythyttan, early evening Monday, we had shrimp sandwich. Martin hade been making his very nice sour-doe bread and also alfahores. My mother and I brought the shrimps and the cherries.

Now me and my mother are preparing for painting of our livingroom. Will give you updates later on. Ciao!


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens as well as 50mm lens.

HH7A5848 HH7A5849 HH7A5867 HH7A5868 HH7A5872 HH7A5905 HH7A5907 HH7A5914 HH7A5917 HH7A5919 HH7A5926 HH7A5937 HH7A5955 HH7A5959 HH7A5965 HH7A5966 HH7A5968 HH7A5970 HH7A5972 HH7A5973 HH7A5975 HH7A5978 HH7A5985 HH7A5988 HH7A5990 HH7A5996 HH7A6008


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