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All I want is to stay on Fårö until the sea takes me.

Me and my mother went to Fårö today doin some pop-culture tourism. For you who doesn´t know the concept it is when the vaccation is about traveling to the sites where stories are told, like films and books. In the case of Gotland, many stories have been told and Fårö an island to the north, where the home of Ingmar Bergman for many years, one of Swedens most well known directors.

We drove around Fårö visiting Bergman center, the church on Fårö where the director also is buried and also Bergman center, where we had a coffee and looked at the exhibitions.

The name of the sites we visited is (in order shown in pictures) Fårö church, Bergman center, Gamle hamn, Lauter, Digerhuvud, Helgumannen, Langhammars, Fårö fyr and Engelska kolerakyrkogården (the English kolera-graveyard).


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom.

HH7A4497 HH7A4501 HH7A4502 HH7A4506 HH7A4509 HH7A4515 HH7A4518 HH7A4521 HH7A4527 HH7A4534 HH7A4536 HH7A4542 HH7A4548 HH7A4553 HH7A4566 HH7A4569 HH7A4578 HH7A4590 HH7A4592 HH7A4593 HH7A4595 HH7A4600 HH7A4612 HH7A4614 HH7A4623 HH7A4628 HH7A4629 HH7A4638 HH7A4640 HH7A4642 HH7A4644 HH7A4655 HH7A4659 HH7A4674 HH7A4675 HH7A4676 HH7A4681 HH7A4685 HH7A4690 HH7A4694 HH7A4704 HH7A4719 HH7A4734



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