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Gotland: the Hanseatic town of Visby and the north.

A city tour in Visby. Visiting different parts of Visby during the day, Almedalen (where they have the yearly politic week in Sweden), the old pharmacy, the main square and other. In the evening mother and I also found time for the forest of the north, the coast and also some raukar.

Amazing facts learned during city tour:

1. Buildings in Visby are from the 13th century and people live in them! They have had some problems with insurance companies who don´t believe them when telling the age of the living.

2. Visby was a transhipment port during the hanseatic time.

3. Visby suffered alot from digerdöden (think it is called the black pest or something like that) where half the population or as much as two third died.

4. Gotland used to be Danish for some time but was reclaimed by Swedes later.

5. Almost all churches are catholic churches and there is about one hundered. Almost all are medieval and from the 13th century. The church of Fårö is not.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm 1,8 f Canon lens and eding in Lightroom.


HH7A4772-2 HH7A4780 HH7A4791 HH7A4793 HH7A4794 HH7A4797 HH7A4803 HH7A4812 HH7A4818 HH7A4819 HH7A4826 HH7A4828 HH7A4829 HH7A4838 HH7A4839 HH7A4843 HH7A4849 HH7A4853 HH7A4856 HH7A4869 HH7A4879 HH7A4881 HH7A4883 HH7A4894 HH7A4896 HH7A4897 HH7A4902 HH7A4912 HH7A4919 HH7A4935 HH7A4944 HH7A4957 HH7A4964 HH7A4970 HH7A4979 HH7A4983


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