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Tired of my livingroom color (beige) and decided to repaint. While the paint was drying we went to Nora Brasserie for lunch. What do you think about the result?


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and 50 mm Canon lens.

HH7A6017 HH7A6021 HH7A6023 HH7A6028 HH7A6033 HH7A6034 HH7A6035 HH7A6037 HH7A6042 HH7A6057 HH7A6070 HH7A6075 HH7A6078 HH7A6080 HH7A6090 HH7A6092 HH7A6096 HH7A6101


  1. The room looks much better than with the bland beige. I find it interesting you chose a cool color living in a northern climate. Of course our home in Arizona is filled with warm colors. Cheers from Cusco Peru, Wooly and Raeski.

    • I´m not sure it is so cool. It is turquoise blue so it has some green in it as well, but taking a photo of it the color changes. How are you doing in Cusco? Are you okay with the hights?

  2. Härligt med lite förändring. Blev ju skitsnyggt!
    Sitter just nu och kollar på en DVD med en av de artister (grupper) som du har på väggen, bakom soffan. Rolling Stones, som jag sett live i Sverige två gånger. Pink Floyd har jag sett live en gång. David Bowie, har jag tyvärr aldrig sett live.
    Önskar dig en fin helg!


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