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The travel year of 2014

My traveling year started of big by going to Peru for  three months. Before going i bought my new camera that I tested extensively before going, shown herehere and here and in Peru I used it for my master thesis. Photo have become one of my biggest interest and I take photos all day. You who follow me on a regular basis know this of course.

In Peru I did all kinds of stuff. I went to a watershow and a fruitmarket in Lima. I shopped all kind of clothes preferably ”hecho en peru” (made in Peru) and crafts as ponchos and hats and at the same time reflecting on my consumption or me as a consumer.

Me shopping crafts in the historic centre of Lima.


One of the great things about traveling is being abel to get new experiences and reflect upon the differences you see but also the similarities and possibilities that arise in a new country. I will always remember Lima as the city of love where people kissed and hugged eachother all day but also all the fantastic food. Visiting the restaurant La Mar and Astrid y Gaston made me realize that Sweden has a lot to learn when it comes to food and the raw product.

With friends at La Mar, one of Gaston´s many restaurants that also has a twin i San Fransisco, so I´ve heard.



Being in Peru also made me discover travel blogging and that all guides out there about what to do, not always are correct or so good. The often point to the most visited tourist attractions and not so much else. That is also why I started the series ”Ten things to do in Lima”, taking the idea from Times and rewriting their list about the city. My aim was to visit all ten places they suggest, but I never had enough time since I had to finish my masterthesis. But I still have some writing to do on this list and will then sum up with my own list on things to try out in Lima both from the Times list as well as other stuff.

At the Pucllana temple, walking a guided tour.


I also created a travel calendar as well as as added a list of  the World Heritage Sites I visited so far. I am though more of a slow traveler, staying in one place for a longer time why I rarely see so much different tourist goals, since they tend to be parted by a long distance. In Peru I only went to Machu Picchu, Cusco , Nasca, Pisco, Paracas Marina and Ica. It sound more than it is since I where in Peru for three months. On the other side I really got to know Lima and can do the city justice when writing about it.

Martin walking the streets of Cusco, slowly adjusting to the high altitude. Sometimes it feels like the only thing a traveler does is walk, walk, walk.


Now I am preparing for new adventures which will be added to my travel list. In August I´m going to Way Out West, in September I´m going to Porvoo with #travelhouseporvoo and #svenskaresebloggar as well as a spa weekend with my friends. In October me and my mother are going to celebrate turning 30 vs. 60 and will be traveling to Paris. More about these trips later.









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