Month: juni 2014

Summer evening in Sweden.

It is something special about the Swedish summer after all. The photos where taken 22 o´clock this evening and the sun where still up on it´s way down outside Linköping when we where heading home after a short visit in Vimmerby/Hultsfred. Katarina Photo of me taken by Martin Benitez with a little help from me. Other photos taken by me with my Canon 5D Mark iii and 24-105 mm lens. Editing in Lightroom.

Masterthesis: The Construction of Nature and Wilderness

Giving you my second part of my masterthesis while I am at a graduation celebration for a relative to Martin in Eksjö Sweden. Katarina The Construction of Nature and Wilderness Viewed as strong and pristine, nature has always been there for human kind. A view that journalists deal with every day, constructed a long time ago with the creation of the first national park in the United States. From one of many park benches on the Malecón, a long stretch of parks famous for it´s fantastic view and visited by many tourists, Barbara Fraser ponders about the philosophical side of nature “I think this whole concept of wilderness of pristine nature is a romantic concept that doesn´t always fit reality” she begins. In United States there is a whole movement to preserve wilderness even in areas that where not originally wilderness, Fraser continues.“Yosemite national park which was created, which is sort of the iconic park, was created by moving indigenous people out of that area so that the park could be created.” she says. To listen …

How does your summer look like?- the respons.

I got such wonderful respons that I decided to write a little about what everybody responded on the post, How does your summer look like. People are doing such amazing stuff this summer that I almost got jealous. A lot of blogger travel, also during the summer. It is a shared interest om mina of course. One of my favorite bloggers on sustainable living is going to Hungary, from Sweden. How interesting isn´t that? Not very many travel there and I really wan´t to know how that is like. Am expecting updates during the summer. Another blogger lives abroad, in Thailand. Have been to Thailand once and I am envious on the guy living there, since it is an amazing place. The almost green water, the thai food and the calm atmosphere is really something nice. It isn´t hard to understand why it probably is the Swedes favorite travel destination. Well, maybe it is because it is cheap as well. And one is going to Scotland and her summer cabin in Blekinge as well as …

Cee´s fun foto challenge: Water

I´m a bit late posting the water challenge. I don´t have any photos of flowers since I don´t have a macro lens. Sorry for being late but had some very nice photos of water I wanted to participate with. Here they are! 🙂 Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.

How does your summer look like?

Read a post on a Swedish blog about, where they ended the post ”How does your summer look like”. I think that is an important question for itself why I decided to tell you how my summer will look like in a short summary. I will start the summer by finishing up my last assignments for my university program. At this moment I am just continuing on pure will. Soon me and my mother are traveling to Gotland. YEY! Before I might visit a friend in Hagfors where I used to work before, but after, I´ll take the car to Småland for the end of next week, me and my mother will pack it full of necessary stuff and then well head of to the ferry that will take us to the Island. Must remember to pack the sunblocker and my biking pants *check*. Coming home it is midsummer in Sweden, which I will be celebrating in Småland, my home region with my family. So looking forward to that. After I stay around and …

Masterthesis- Reporting on environment- Video

Elie Gardner, Oscar Durand and Barbara Fraser are three environmental journalists who travel all over Peru to report on environment. Reporting from one of the most sensitive countries to the effect of climate change, with a visible lack of water they explain how their work as environmental journalists play out, issues of work- security, the role of visuals in reporting on Peruvian environment and the future in Peru. Leading up to the Cop 20, the United Nations Conference of the parties on climate change, being held in Peru this December, they have much to tell.     By Katarina Wohlfart

Launching a for sale page

I decided to sell some off my stuff and have because of this lauched a Säljer/ for sale page. I will sell my stuff within Sweden, but if it someone who lives abroad want it, I can look into it. The page is in Swedish. Först till kvarn! First person saying they wan´t the object gets it. First out is my Samsung camera that I have taken a lot of the photos on this blog with and I love very much. But two cameras is to much for me, at least to cameras with all equipment. Might buy another small camera later, without all the extra equipment. Katarina For sale- 3999 sek, you find the page in the menu up right.