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Red hot camerabag.

Another new camerabag. I bought this one at the same time as the last one and this one costed around 27 dollars at

My camera, keys, wallet etc fits in there with the 50 mm lens on, as long as I remove the extra camera padding.

What do you think?

Can give you a extra photo tips and that is based on the last picture of me taken by my boyf. It is the photo of my back walking. I look extremely short in this picture (and I´m 178cm tall). It is preferable to be photographed by someone shorter, or that the photographer shoot from a lower angle or else you will look shorter (than necessary) and also chubbier. No problem if you are super-skinny and an amazon woman, but for the rest of us out there, get the photographer to cooperate and make the best of the situation.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f 1.8, ed in lightroom. Photos of me taken by Martin Benitez

HH7A6900 HH7A6901 HH7A6903 HH7A6906HH7A6916-2 HH7A6919-2 HH7A6922-2 HH7A6925-2

Clothes: Old knitted black sweater, jeans H&M, red camerabag and hand made boots from Cusco Peru.


  1. It’s not quite ’manly’ enough for me. 🙂 Seriously it looks like a great bag that doesn’t look like it’s carrying an expensive lens which could be good in some places. I’ve been looking for something for day hikes that can carry a couple of lenses, lunch and water instead of carrying my larger backpack. I’ll get more serious about the search as the time approaches for our long Southern South America trip.

    • Yeah. I think you should look at the lowepro’s then. 🙂 this is more a not so good quality handbag. I have 3 now 🙂 this is the most partyisch I have ;)) not secure enough for south am I tell you. You are traveling for a long time?

    • Yepp. another one upcoming today. Bought three at the same time. :/ 🙂 Three for the price of 2/3s of my camera back pack from lowepro.

        • haha yes. well. Some minor mistakes. Bought stuff from this chinese site ( for 100 dollars. Like a amazon page, they have a lot of everything, a lot of crap but some nice stuff as well. Where buying some party things for me and my mothers 30+60 year birthday and found the bags as well. So I ordered about 5 items I think, bags and party equipment thinking it will come soon. It is just that the things where from 5 different companies (that is in the same site, which I missed) so there have been arriving like five packages rapped in chinese paper in June. I´m like waiting for the store manager to call the cops on me, suspecting me from importing illegal stuff from China… (haha) ..

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