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Sen Street Food in Örebro

Yesterday I went to Örebro for some maintenance of my skin. Might tell you about it another day (and maybe show some pictures, if I dare.. ). Anyway, after my maintenance and some shopping me and my friends went for some food and found this amazing place in Örebro Saluhallar when purchasing cheese.

I had a tofu dish, with shrimp dumplings and moshi ice-cream. The surprise being the ice-cream, never have I tried anything like that before. The taste of the food was delicious and it felt very fresh. A plus for the low price of around 35 sek for the dumplings and below 100 sek for the main dish. A price-wothy meal.

Today we are having the cheese that we bough yesterday and the guys are at the University preparing marmelade to serve with the cheese. I wonder who bought crackers?

Yesterday I forgot my memorycard to my camera, won´t do that mistake today! ciao.


Ps. Tomorrow is last day competing about a travel guide from Karavan.


Photos: Shot with my iPhone 6+, edited in Lightroom on my computer.


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          • And I didn’t know you for a vegetarian, Katarina … I’m sure I’ve seen you guys eating meat in past photos …?

          • Well. It is only me you know. We have discussed this before. Used to eat only veggie food. Nowadays I eat fish and shellfish as well. Before only veg.

          • We have ? – then senility has attacked me again. Sighh … Only veg is not enough to keep your body functioning properly: the fish as well is a good thing. But you know all this.

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