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Vårruset Örebro

Today the event Vårruset took place in Örebro. Some of my co-workers and I attended the event, that was filled with color, laughter and shifting weather, in the end mostly sun.

The event vårruset takes place every year and are held 2015 in 17 cities around Sweden, it is for all women of all shapes and forms. Old and young/ fit and not so fit..

Apparently we where in the first class of the classes that started, which ment ”runners”. Well, we hid during the start and ended up in class three of four where the walkers where, much more my my kind of situation. I am not and will probably never become a runner.

After walking the 5 km I got home around half past ten, took a quick shower, quickly edited the photos in lightroom and are now off to bed.


Photos shot with Canon EOS M3 and 40 mm pancake lens (with adapter). Edited in lightroom.


vårrusetvårruset-2 vårruset-3 vårruset-4 vårruset-5 vårruset-6 vårruset-7 vårruset-8 vårruset-9 vårruset-10 vårruset-11 vårruset-12 vårruset-13 vårruset-14 vårruset-15 vårruset-16 vårruset-17 vårruset-18 vårruset-19 vårruset-20 vårruset-21 vårruset-22 vårruset-23 vårruset-24 vårruset-25 vårruset-26 vårruset-27 vårruset-28 vårruset-29 vårruset-30 vårruset-31 vårruset-32 vårruset-33 vårruset-34 vårruset-35 vårruset-36 vårruset-37 vårruset-38 vårruset-39 vårruset-40 vårruset-41 vårruset-42 vårruset-43 vårruset-44 vårruset-45 vårruset-46 vårruset-47 vårruset-48 vårruset-49 vårruset-50 vårruset-51 vårruset-52 vårruset-53 vårruset-54 vårruset-55

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