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The end of an era- the last Hobbit movie

Sunday was spend Christmas shopping and with the last Hobbit movie. Now that the era is over, I kind of feel nothing. I thought I would feel more. I guess I am in some form of chock. Hobbit-chock.

I am a bit disappointed of the end.. I have to say. Sorry Hobbit lovers etc, I loved it but.. well the end.. Wont spoil it for everybody else so I will leave it at that. Don´t mistake my disappointment for not loving the fairytales though. Last year I wrote a declaration of love about the hobbit movies. Read it here. So me not loving the end is probably just a disappointment in the lack of a fairytale end.

Now is to early to have any opinion more than, well, this was the end and I am not sure if I liked it Peter Jackson. I  probably have to come back to this and explain why. I have promised myself to watch them all, all the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring movies during Christmas. Already looking forward to it, except for the end then. Oh blaha, the guy I love the most dies in the end. Big disappointment, big big big. Now I definitively wont say more.


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