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Preparing for an October wedding – a cow, a dog and some sand

This weekend I am shooting my second wedding for my carrier, in Örebro. During the day I was at Scandinavian photo and prepared for the weekend mission by buying a new battery for my camera, two new memory cards, a CF card of 64 gb and a SD card of 64 gb plus some batteries for my polaroid. The wallet said ”ouch” when paying but, ”because I am worth it”, as the Loreal commercial says.

Last weekend (two weeks ago) I met up with my third wedding couple to prepare for an mid Ocotober wedding the 17th. I shot some of my favorite photos for the year, a cow, a dog and a lot of sand *grin*. This weeding will take place close to my hometown in Småland. The weather was so magnificent it fel like middle of summer.


bröllopsplanering_anna_pelle-11 bröllopsplanering_anna_pelle-10 bröllopsplanering_anna_pelle-9


  1. The cow looks AMAZING right there next to the domestic property: one is so used to seeing them in big open fields ! 🙂
    The dog looks super – it has a sweet, smiling face.
    I await the wedding photos with joyful anticipation, Katarina. 🙂

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