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Those days between

I need days when I just skip planning and skip feeling the need to do anything. Today was a typical one of those days, a day when I didn´t get anything done, barely made the bed and are glad waking up before 12 o´clock.

When a day like this hits me I try to avoid it at first, later giving up after fighting for an hour or two.

After breakfast today I decided to go out shooting some stills of my lenses, the lensbaby lens and the Canon 24-105 lens, thinking that it would cheer me up. Then I dragged myself out on a walk by the lake and shot the below photos.

Back home I felt sorry for myself and played videogames the rest of the day, failing miserably in my attempt to cheer myself up doing the thing I love, shooting photos, and walking. At the moment the day feels like a waste of time but I know that I will feel better tomorrow. More well rested and hopefully up for a longer walk in the fantastic weather that now have hit Sweden. Now, back to the couch for some more Bones.


Canon 5D Mark iii, lensbaby lens Sweet Composer Pro (shot by Torrvarpen, a lake in Grythyttan)


sun_torrvarpen-2 sun_torrvarpen-3 sun_torrvarpen


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