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Thailand- Kamala Beach and Cape Sienna Hotel in Phuket

A few years back me and my mother went to Thailand. It was an eight days trip with Fritidsresor. Nothing special, just relaxing. I remember how beautiful it was and how amazed I was by the beach there, the green water, the palms and the nice staff at the hotel and in restaurants. But you also got a glimpse of the catastrophe, then I mean the tsunami of 2004/2005. Signs, pointing out tsunami escape routs where put out all over the area, like a reminder.

Traveling without kids / the hotel

Flying to Thailand my mother and I choose to fly charter and traveled with a famous Swedish agency called Fritidsresor. I have traveled several times with Fritidsresor and have been satisfied every time. This time I was even more happy with my choice after asking the person that helped me book to recommend a hotel. He guided me to an entirely different hotel from what I first where going for, arguing to choose a hotel without kids. And was it worth it? Don´t get me wrong, I like kids, but being without them and just spending time with adults by a pool. Must say that it was a good choice for me and my mother and something I recommend for all adults traveling if they have the possibility.


the pool in Cape Sienna


The hotel / Cape Sienna in Kamala Beach Phuket

When arriving at the hotel meeting thai people for the first time you feel happy afterwards. They are forthcoming and take service to the next level.


Having your own Jacuzzi adds some extra luxury, but is it necessary?


Me and mom didn´t expect much when going to Thailand, actually I had to fight my mother to go there since she though that the distance was too long.

”No drugs, no weapons, no Buddhas”

Apparently it is illegal to take buddhas out of the country. Signs make me laugh and this is one of my favorites, next to ”A hora 24 Euro” which in Swedish mean, a hooker for 24 Euros and in Spanish something like that it costs 24 euro for one hour.

On the hotel in Thailands the staff also left little messages, made swans and lighted oil lamps. They acutally though me and my mother where merried, something we found out on the letter that was left are last night before leaving.


What does this even mean?


Do you have any anecdotes you remember smiling from all of your trips?

I am sorry for the pictures, in 2011 when my mother and I went to Thailand I didn´t have any DSLR so my iPhone 3 is what I brought.

The food

For those who like thai food Thailand is a paradise. Having a well prepared lunch at the beach for only 16 sek is amazing when you are use to paying 80 sek for the same in Sweden.



One night mom and I went for Patong with the hotel staff. I found several shoes that I still keep today. We went to a big shopping center in Patong where they also had a watershow during the evening. Close by there where those streets you hear off but never go to.


The beach – the climate

I must say that the climate was the biggest surprise for me. I loved the moist temperate climate of around 30 degrees celsius, but my lungs didn´t. I have never been so sick ever, after being in Thailand and still have problems with irritating coughs when ever getting a small cold.

The climate also where perfect for hanging on the beach, not to hot, not to cold. Just perfect.

In the future I will go back. I just have to see the Transsiberian railway, New Zealand, Easter Island and Tierra del Fuego, first.






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