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Early spring barbecue

The food is cooking in the kitchen and I have just gotten home from work. Long day with meetings in Lindesberg and now it is finally Friday evening! It is something special with Friday evenings isn´t it? This weekend I am aiming for doing as little as possible and scroll through new camera equipment. Have found a new Canon camera I am interested in.. The wallet will take a hit or two though.

Earlier this week I have been working and walking in the evenings, shooting photos in the sunny weather. The weather changed yesterday and now it is actually snowing! This photo was shot yesterday when Martin and his friends where having a barbecue during the day. I thought it might be a bit interesting to see for you guys who live abroad. This is how the ground and surroundings look like when the snow have melted here in Sweden. It kind of lack colors and have a greyish finish to it all.

Have a great weekend guys!







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