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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Ground: rocks, sand, dirt, paths, walks, trails

Being featured last week, I won´t miss this weeks challenge. And oh such a interesting topic as well. Have I mentioned I love love love the desert? Go to the page and participate as well.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens and editing in Lightroom.

Photos from Nazca desert and Huacca China oasis in Ica, Peru

HH7A1821 HH7A1842 HH7A1958 HH7A1986


  1. Really good responses, O beautiful one ! I wondered if you might use one of your Atacama photos …

    • atacama? what is that. 🙂 Well yes. By the way. You commented on a post about a book by Camilla Läckberg. I follow her on twitter and instagram in periods and she are kind of entertaining, and has a exhusband that is a police that is equally entertaining and also writes criminal novels, might not nbe published in english though. haven´t read som much of her work, are not so into criminal novels. But, used to work in Hagfors, a small city in the forest, and from there, there is written more than one criminal novels about a journalist. they are good. Don´t know if they exist in english though..

      • Not only have they been translated, but she is currently here in Sydney at the Sydney Writers’ Festival ! 😀

          • Aha. Yes, ok. I ment that I don´t know if Ninni Schulman have her books in English, the link I send. Camilla Läckberg, yes, she is very famous in Sweden, ”one of the big”. Interesting that she travels to Sydney then 🙂

          • The Sydney Writers’ Festival is now quite big-time …

          • You’re joking, right ? A one-time writer of a memoir whose publishers don’t think it worthy of even entering for any awards, let alone festivals ?
            In a word – no. It’s for big sellers.

          • aha, well festival is just a word. I could have been a variety of writers and have rookie table, who knows..

          • Indeed it might. Lovely idea ! But as these things are all set up between the organisers and publishers, I never stood a chance. Doesn’t matter how many people have said how much they loved my book: if the publicity people at the publishers don’t like it, that’s IT.

          • I have NO IDEA. Aucune idée. Keine ahnung. But I suspect the editor loved it and the publicity woman didn’t, and that’s how it went.

          • haha well that is just weird. But now, I am off to bed! Maybe you should do a stunt. Ask all that love your book to carry it around and post photos about it the same day on instagram, statint, when publishers doesn´t do their job, instagram is there for you, maybe it will go viral and world famous. Or some other stunt.

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