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Arrived in Cusco- checked in at Eco Inn Cusco

This morning we arrived in Cusco. The air feels a bit heavy from the hight so we wen´t directly to the hotel to check in. At first glans, Cusco Inn where we are staying looks amazing.

We where nicely informed at the hotel lobby that since we stayed so long in Peru (more than 60 days) we now have to pay taxes, adding 15 dollars a day to the hotel bill, ending up in around 2100 sek for 3 nights. Not that much. We choose this hotel over hostels since we wanted a bit higher standard.

In the rooms you are informed that you if you care about environment only should ask for change of sheets when needed. Kind of a western touch I guess. Since we are only staying three nights, this certainly won´t be needed.

The planeride to Cusco was a bit bumpy I might add and also feel a little planesick. Think it is a distant cousin feeling to the bumpy ride over the Nasca lines.

We took a cab from the airport and it costed 30 sol. Not to much. At first the cabdriver wanted 40, but we had asked in the touristinformation about what a cab should cost, she said 30, we said 30 and the driver excepted. It is important to check before, since the drivers always add extra.

Today we will enjoy the day, resting before going to Machu Picchu tomorrow and hunt for a adapter since are European standard computer adapters (Mac and windows) don´t fit the Eco Inn in Cusco: good knowledge for Europeans!

Enjoy the photos from Eco Inn Cusco.


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