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Peru: Go to Huacca China- a oasis outside Ica

It is amazing!

As one part of last weekend when we traveled we wen´t to Huacca China, a backpackers paradise next to Ica. I might have told you before that I love the desert, but I love love love, the desert. It is so distant from what I am used to. Okay, I acknowledge that the sand itself is a bit tricky to like. It is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It almost got into my Canon 5D as well after Martin carried the camera to the top of one of the sand dunes.

Due to it is a travel paradise, you can get american or continental breakfast, which feels like a gift send from above when eating food you are not used to for over two months. Sometimes you miss the simple, and it is often the food.

A critique not to Huacca China people but the people who travel there. Don´t throw trash in the sand dunes, bring it with you down for god´s sake. Pollution is already a problem and trash looks so awful. Well, not that´s said.

The hotel was of no high standard, but cheap (60 sol for two persons as noted in earlier posts about Huacca China). It is more of hostels since the people staying here are backpackers

Me and Martin played around in the sand, or walked to be honest, for 2 hours (cursing) to get to the top of one of the dunes, but when reaching the top, all the strength just came right back when watching the view.



Taken with Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm:s lens and edited in Lightroom. The photos of me are taken of Martin and the photos of me and Martin together are taken of Elia or Roberto.


HH7A2181 HH7A2174

HH7A1951 HH7A1952 HH7A1959 HH7A1961 HH7A1969 HH7A1976 HH7A1984 HH7A1987 HH7A1989 HH7A1994 HH7A2026 HH7A2027 HH7A2037

The above photo is taken of Martin and edited by me.

HH7A2050 HH7A2055 HH7A2057

HH7A2119 HH7A2121 HH7A2131 HH7A2139 HH7A2142 HH7A2148 HH7A2150 HH7A2166


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