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a random field close by Vättern.

Last weekend me and Helena Gunnare with the blog Ohdarling headed for a roadtrip along the coast of Vättern. Vättern is the second largest lake of Sweden and situated in the south of Sweden.
We spend two days shooting photographs around the lake and here are our second stop, a random field by the road. There will come more inspirational photos from this trip coming later.
Photos of me is shot and edited by Helena – look further down to know more about the equipment we used.
vid vättern-7vid vättern-2
Helena, as seen above, love her black outfits. 
I wear a mustard coloured scarf I got from my mother, an old old cap, an old hunters/forest jacket I bough second hand, gloves hand knitted from a market in Cusco and a camerabag from minimalism.

vid vättern-6

vid vättern-5

The photos

Photos of me including head photo is shot and edited by Helena. The rest is shot by me, as always with my baby Canon 5D Mark iii and edited in lightroom.

During this weekend trip I brought to lenses, Canon 24-105 mm f.4 and Sigma 50 mm Art f1.4.

Helena shot her photos with Canon 5D Mark ii and Sigma 24mm Art, Tamron 70-200 f2.8, Canon 50 mm f1.4 as well as Canon 85mm f1.8. She had her camerabag filled with gold as you can see. 


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