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When I hear ”new” I tend to listen. When I hear ”new” and ”food” in the same sentence I tend to listen even more. Have you been to Teatern in Stockholm?

A couple of weekends ago Daniel and Martin told me that they wanted to try out a new food court at Ringen, Södermalm, and of course I said ”Oh, yes please”.



The food at Teatern

Food, copper and fancy lighting is the first thing that struck me. Strolling around the round food theatre there is fast food sausage and mushed potatoes from Fäviken (Magnus Nilsson), ramen from Adam and Albin, deserts from K-Märkt Garnisonen (Daniel Roos) and much more. Fancy pancy fast food, to speak frankly.


teatern_ringen-11teatern_ringen-10 teatern_ringen-12

Price, comfort and vegetarian dishes

125 sek for a hot dog of Magnus Nilsson/Fäviken says a lot. But is it worth it? It is sure cool to look at all people at work and have food at the same time. Must say that I think that food courts is a price worthy alternative to begin with and even more so when being able to have some of Swedens best cuisine for almost today´s lunch prices.

”Cute quotes and hot Ice tea”

I had the ramen, Martin and Daniel the hot dog from Magnus Nilsson/Fäviken. I for one will return to try other alternatives but I think the guys still are a bit curious as well.

If to give a minus it would be for not having food for vegetarians in all stands. Maybe this will change but meat all way through a menu? No, it isn´t okay anymore. Fancy food or not.

I must give Adam och Albin an extra plus for the cute quotes and hot ice tea. Yummie!


Metrostation: Skansktull

Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii, ed Lightroom.

teatern teatern_ringen-16 teatern_ringen-15


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