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During the weekend me and Helena, went on a short roadtrip along the shoreline of Vättern and our third stop Saturday was Koviken, a halting place on road 49 going south from Askersund towards Karlsborg (reserve capital of Sweden). We stopped for some sunny shots of Vätterns west side.


photos of me, shot by Helena

koviken_rastplats_vättern-3koviken_rastplats_vättern-13 koviken_rastplats_vättern-11koviken_rastplats_vättern-15 koviken_rastplats_vättern-4 koviken_rastplats_vättern-7


The photos

Photos of me is shot and edited by Helena. The rest is shot by me, as always with my baby Canon 5D Mark iii and edited in lightroom.

During this weekend trip I brought two lenses, Canon 24-105 mm f.4 and Sigma 50 mm Art f1.4.

Helena shot her photos with Canon 5D Mark ii and Sigma 24mm Art, Tamron 70-200 f2.8, Canon 50 mm f1.4 as well as Canon 85mm f1.8.


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