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Some random selfies I felt was great at the moment 

Sorry, had to rewrite. The text disappeared when I published these photos from my phone 20 min ago.

I just sait that when I was going through my phone I found these bad and more bad selfies I wanted to show you. Sometimes you just feel like sharing something private and something funny. So here they are, the selfies from august and september. Don´t have time to rewrite the text but I haven´t re- edited the photos. Some are no edit and some are edited.

Like: What happend to the color of our faces?

Did I think this was funny or what was I thinking at the moment?
Martin and I, our photo for when looking for apartments. This was taken in Märsta.

On the rooftop of Urban Deli?




Yeah, hope you enjoyed it and sorry about the disappearing text! Mobile-phone problems.. *sigh*



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