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Rosa bandet kokboks release

Wednesday evening the chefs of Grythyttan headed for Rosa Bandets cookbook release on Birka terminalen close to Slussen.

The event was filled with cava, mingle food and Swedish celebrities of all sorts. We mingled and I also got them to pose infront of a press wall in pink. I headed from the event with a book and a smile. So cool for them to be able to be in a book. Hopefully not the last. Check out the photos to appreciate the whole story and evening.

The Rosa Bandet cook book is made to raise money for the Swedish Cancer fund. It is made by Anna Benson, celebrities who share their recipes as Carolina Kluft, Babsan, Gudrun Schyman and other people as the chefs, a photographer and more on a voluntary basis. DJ for the evening was Sanna Bråding.

The book sold out on the book fair in Gothenburg last weekend.


Photos shot with my Canon 5D Mark iii, Canon 40 mm pancake lens


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