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From Brussels to Stockholm

My first work-week in Stockholm has passed and I am sitting in the piece and quite of my Grythyttan apartment, while Martin and Oscar (our former neighbour living in our apartment at the moment) is at work.

This is my week in images,



Starting in Brussel and the Brussel airport (this is the only thing I have ever seen of Brussel, so far, first impression: clean) me, Martin and Andreas stayed here for two hours waiting for our connection flights to Arlanda, Stockholm. We had food and the compulsory Belgian Waffle. Martin shot this cute photo of the waffle with my compact DSLR, the one he master by now.

We also tried out the travelators and Martin took a photo of my awful mosquito bites (some friends on facebook suggested begbugs, hope not). This was the second time this summer I had these bites, first Italy and then now Greece. Greece was worst. They are gone now but you can still se soft shadows red and blue on my white naked legs. I shot some photos of Martin and Andreas with the fish-eye effect. Not the most flattering angle.

mosquito_bitesbrussels_airport brussels_airport-8 brussels_airport-2 brussels_airport-3 brussels_airport-4 brussels_airport-5 brussels_airport-6 brussels_airport-9


My first workday passed and afterwork I met up with Martin and Tommy and we had Indian food at a place called Shanti Soft Corner, one of several Indian restaurants in Stockholm, this one situated at Södermalms allé. It rained. I have a addiction, Mangolassi.

indisk_mat_shanti_softcorner_södermalm indisk_mat_shanti_softcorner_södermalm-2 indisk_mat_shanti_softcorner_södermalm-3 indisk_mat_shanti_softcorner_södermalm-4 indisk_mat_shanti_softcorner_södermalm-5


After work Wednesday I went to Carolines job at Friskis Skanstull. I checked the gym out and then we went to Vapianos for a salad. Caroline wanted to have their desert ”Death by chocolate” which is suppose to be the best, according to her at least.  When ordering it they had non left. You could see the disappointment in her eyes. Guess we have to go back later.

We shot one photo of our outfits ”great minds think a like”..



Thursday I met up with some fellow travelbloggers, Sofia with Fantasiresor (you know her since before) and Eleonor with the blog Elly i England, a blogger that lives abroad. Visit Fantastiresor here and Elly in England here. We headed for a cup of coffee after a long debate on where the best coffee is in our blog – group, Elly stating that the best coffee was in Australia and others arguing for other places etc etc. I stayed out of the debate, but since I love coffee tagged along. Sofia recommended Drop Coffee so we headed there but when arriving they closed, but close by Johan & Nyström also is located so then the choice fell on their coffee shop/café on Swedenborgsgatan close to Mariatorget. The coffee was of course outstanding and we had fun discussing everything and nothing. Before heading home the sky opened up again and the rain poored down as never before. It feels like Sweden has gotten itself a rain period.

johan&nyström-3 johan&nyström johan&nyström-2


Friday I worked and returned to Grythyttan by train from Stockholm to Örebro and Örebro to Grythyttan. All this time on a train give me a lot of time for blogging, so at the moment I drag my computer with me to work so I can write on the train between Märsta and Stockholm central station where I change to the Metro. I also downloaded a new app, Storytel. It costs 160 sek a month which is much, but I am now on my free period. We will see if I think that it is worth it.




  1. Katarina is now dark blonde ! – and it looks GOOD ! 🙂
    Do you realize how much blogging time you spend on describing food you’ve eaten ? – it’s not fair !
    Your poor legs ! – what about the rest ? – your arms, too ? Some kind of pheromone you give off the biting insects find very yummy, Poor you. 🙁
    What is this expensive Storytel ? – tell us more (please) !

    • haha. Yes, now I am dark blonde. thanks. It is a bit dry since before so I am struggling to get better by not washing it so much so somethings I kind of look like a cat licked itself in the head.. haha. Storytel is a app with audio books. Over 1000 titles, but it is probably growing. It is a variety of genres, as sci fi, fact, love and romance and so forth.

  2. Great images and monologue on enviable travels–condolences on the bites, though I worry your friends might be right about them not being mosquito-made.

    • Yes, well maybe! We actually called sjukvårdsupplysningen in Sweden when getting back and they said that it wasn´t possible to tell the difference the first days, since bites is exactly the same if you have a reaction. It was an extreme number of mosquitos in the room as well and my boyfriend didn´t get more then on his feet and his looks normal so. Most likely he would have been bitten as well if it was bed bugs. But who knows. They look extreme. But as said before, I had the same reaction in Italy as well, but then I only got a few bites.

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