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A Greek Wedding Story – Vicky and Stefanos

Saturday the 11th of July my cousin in Athens got married to his Vicky. I was there as a guest with Martin, my aunt and family, it was a greek ortodox wedding and my first of the kind.

The morning started with some baklava and celebrating my other cousins birthday. It continued with getting ready for the wedding, sweating and trying to cool down at the same time. It seemed cooler then the other days, but still hot enough to be difficult when wearing dress coats.

The wedding took place in a small local church close to my cousins home and the party at a beach a 20 minutes drive from Athens. In the church we got to witness a whole procedure of speaking and singing in something like latin, not understanding a word. But even if not understanding the language it was something special about it. During the evening the atmosphere was relaxed, no speaches, just an open bar and good food. We concluded that we didn´t miss the Swedish speaches and the stiff atmosphere.

There is nothing more to say than we ate, we drank and we laughed and we ate we drank and we laughed some more.


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