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A smeared chocolate cake a´la Katarina

Yesterday Martin cooked a yummie past with shrimps and spices. For desert I made my smeared chocolate cake making me drool just by thinking about it.

this Wednesday the 20 th of May Vårruset takes place. Me and some dear colleagues are heading for Örebro in the afternoon to undertake the mayor task of running/ walking from Gustavsvik to the city center and back during the evening, entertained by music ending with a picnic- basket. Are aiming to take some photos during the event so might get back with some photos later or tomorrow, if I have the time and energy when getting back home. Might die an early exercising death. Anyway, I still have a piece of this delicious cake to give me the energy back.

Recipe, down below.



Photos shot with Canon EOS M3, with EOS M adapter and 40 mm pancake lens, edited in Lightroom.


  • 3 eggs
  • 2,5 dl sugar
  •  2- 2,5 dl flour
  • 4 table spoons chocolate powder/ cacao
  • 100 g / 1 dl melten butter
  • Any other ingredient you want to add as peanutbutter (on top of mine), or nuts, almond, pieces of white chocolate

Use a electric mixer through the process. I mix the eggs and sugar first and then ad the melted butter and other dry ingredients.

20 minutes on 175 degrees Celcius. The time depends on the owen and how big form you use. Try! Serve with wipped cream and love.


    • Ema- just try 🙂 you can use less flour if you want to as well. 🙂 I wont recommend other types though since I haven’t tried but why not?! This is like the original recipe for something we call kladdkaka in Sweden.”messy” cake. It is suppose to be like this but you can change. I guess coconut will be fine, both sugar and maybe coconut flour as well? 🙂

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