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taking a stroll a simple Saturday as this

Today I have focused on editing all photos from the wedding. A lot of work I assure you. Will do the rest this evening and tomorrow. It is so much fun and such amazing photos. To take a break I took a stroll down the natur path in Grythyttan as well as a stroll in the village and the forest and shot some sunny day photos. I met mostly birds and a birdwatcher.

This week has been full of job interviews. May is an interesting month so far with new adventures awaiting.


Photos shot with Canon Eos M3, 18-55 Canon lens, ed in Lightroom-


naturstigen grythyttannaturstigen grythyttan-2 naturstigen grythyttan-3 naturstigen grythyttan-4 naturstigen grythyttan-5 naturstigen grythyttan-6 naturstigen grythyttan-7 naturstigen grythyttan-8 naturstigen grythyttan-9 naturstigen grythyttan-10 naturstigen grythyttan-11 naturstigen grythyttan-12 naturstigen grythyttan-13 naturstigen grythyttan-14


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